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Action VHS

As part of my ongoing quest to assure the incorporation into the Preserve of the best and the brightest that Hollywood Video has to offer in their VHS tape sale, last week I had the good fortune to partake in their Action/Adventure tape event. Having maintained a near daily vigil of phone calls to their harassed staff, I timed it nearly to the hour when they finished their 1000 tape pull, and spent the next hour and a half of my life sifting through the much loved and now discarded tapes of years past.

Following is a list of the 32 best that I found, and we have already enjoyed a great many of them! While the act of reviewing films is as new to the internet as email, I still feel compelled, so hopefully at the very least we can get some words and pictures up about a fantastic Busey movie - Eye of the Tiger - itself alone justifying the bulk acquisition.

Eye of the Tiger (Busey)
Terminal Rush (Don 'The Dragon' and Rowdy Roddy Piper)
The Call Me MISTER Tibbs!(Poitier)
Hidden Assassin (Dolph)
Sweepers (Dolph)
Black Dog (meatloaf)
Agent Red (Dolph)
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
Ice Station Zebra
Sharpe's Rifles (Sean Bean)
God of Killers
The Punisher (Dolph)
Rogue Force (Robert Patrick)
Solo (Van Peebles)
Hostile Waters (Rutger)
Storm Catcher (Dolph)
Firewalker (Chuck Norris)
Replicant (Van Damme)
Universal Soldier (Van Damme AND Dolph)
Tango & Cash (Stallone & Russell)
The Delta Force (Chuck Norris & Lee Marvin)
Detention (Dolph)
Striking Distance (Bruce Willis)
Deadly China Dolls
Surviving the Game (Rutger)
The Eiger Sanction (Eastwood)
Rambo III
Night Hawks (Rutger)
Raw Deal (Schwarzenegger)
Death Wish (Bronson)
The Hitman (Chuck Norris)

Posted by charlie on May 16th 2007
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