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New Preorders

HOT TOYS 12" FEMALE BODIES - CAUCASIAN, CUBAN-AMERICAN Two new Truetype female bodies have been announced by Hot Toys. In this wave, a new version of the Caucasian figure is joined by a lovely Cuban-American lady. Each figure has over 28 points of articulation and includes alternate hands and more, and they're priced at $39.99 each.
TF ROTF DELUXE 2010 SERIES 1 - CASE, SET, SINGLES This new set includes Dirge, Tuner Mudflap, Alliance Bumblebee and Armorhide, and is priced at $59.99; the case includes Armorhide and Autobot Gears along with two each of Dirge, Tuner Mudflap and Alliance Bumblebee, and is listed at $99.99. Each figure (save for Armorhide) is also available singly, at $14.99 each.
MARVEL SELECT IRON MAN 2 FIGURE Not many details have been released about this upcoming figure, but we do know that it will have a working facemask that opens to reveal the face of Tony Stark. This upcoming figure is listed at $17.99, with an April 2010 release date.
FINAL FANTASY XIII PLAY ARTS KAI SHIVA BIKE FIGURE SET This magnificent new set includes Snow from the upcoming game alongside the Shiva sisters, who apparently connect to form a motorcycle for Snow to ride. This set is listed at $184.99 ($15 below MSRP) and should include the Kai line's hallmarks of increased size, articulation and playability.
REAL ACTION HEROES MAD HATTER This figure show Johnny Depp as he's been re-imagined into the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie. This figure is dressed in a cloth outfit, includes a number of accessories and is listed at $169.99, $30 below MSRP, with a March 2010 release date.
TRANSFORMERS G1 MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP DVD BOX SET Finally Shout Factory's box set of the complete G1 series is on its way. Priced at $149.99, this box set includes all 98 remastered episodes along with a host of add-ons, like printable scripts, magnets and more.
STAR WARS 12" SANDTROOPER SQUAD LEADER Sideshow's next 12" Star Wars figure is the Sandtrooper Squad Leader. Ready to command his troops, this figure comes dressed in full armor with pouches, weaponry and more, and is listed at $102.99, $7 below MSRP.
BACK TO THE FUTURE III TIME MACHINE Diamond Select has announced a new collectible based on the Time Machine from "Back to the Future III." This version of the Delorean includes lights and sounds, and is listed at $39.99, $10 off MSRP.
MARVEL UNIVERSE SECRET WARS 2010 WAVE 1 - CASES, SET 2010's first wave of the Secret Wars two-packs includes Reed Richards Vs. Ultron, Hawkeye Vs. Piledriver and Thor Vs. the Enchantress. You can pick up the set of three two-packs for $44.99, or you can opt for one of the case assortments at $109.99 each; the Series 1 case includes two each of these three along with one each of Spider-Man & Thunderball and Captain America & Klaw. The Series 1 Revision 1 case includes one each of the new sets, plus one each of Spider-Man & Thunderball, Human Torch & Wolverine, Hulk & Cyclops, Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto, and Iron Man & Spider-Woman; finally, the Series 1 Revision 2 case includes two each of the new sets, along with one each of Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto and Iron Man & Spider-Woman.
STAR WARS CLONE WARS ANIMATED 2010 WAVE 2 REVISION 1 - CASE, SET This wave includes new figures Anakin in Cold Weather Gear, Commander Stone, Thi-Sen, a X-20 Tactical Droid and Darth Sidious, and you can pre-order the set of five new figures for $69.99. If you'd prefer, you can opt for the case assortment - for $99.99, you can pick up all five new figures plus Anakin, Obi-Wan, Commander Cody, Kit Fisto, Cad Bane, Count Dooku, and Commander Thire's Trooper.
MOTU CLASSICS TEELA, ZODAK The two latest of the Masters of the Universe Classics line, Teela and Zodak are on their way. Teela comes with armor, weapons and Zoar the falcon, while Zodak (a replacement for the original Zodac) is covered in energy markings and battles with a staff. Each of these figures is listed at $34.99, and should arrive in November.
DONALD DUCK TRANSFORMER - MONOCHROME VERSION The new Disney Label Donald Duck Transformer from TakaraTomy is now being released in a monochrome version to go with the Black & White Mickey Transformer. This new version of the second Disney Label figure is listed at $49.99, and should delight kids of all ages.
GHOSTBUSTERS - 6" RAY, 12" RAY Mattel's new Ghostbusters line sees Ray Stanz in stereo this month. We've got the 6" version with the logo ghost listed at $34.99, or you can opt for the 12" deluxe version, with cloth costume, ghost trap and other accessories, priced at $89.99. This new line has been very popular, and we expect that trend to continue with these great new figures.
WORLD OF WARCRAFT STEINS Two new drinking steins inspired by World of Warcraft are on their way. The 10" tall Lich King Epic Stein is sculpted and painted in a panoramic image with a pewter lid and is priced at $94.99. The Tankard O' Terror is a nearly 2-liter stoneware replica of the mugs used in-game and is listed at $49.99.
EVANGELION TEST TYPE 01 BUST This new bust measures just short of 10" tall, and includes the armored yet disturbing head of the Test Type 01 piloted by Shinji. This new Evangelion import collectible is priced at $139.99, and should arrive in January.
KIT RAE EXOTATH FULL CONTACT FOAM SWORD Kit Rae has long been known for their fantasy swords, and now they've started a new line of foam-covered weapons for use in practice, role-playing, or any type of play you'd like. The first sword is named Exotath and we've got it priced at $39.99 with a January release date - check out the image of this great new play weapon.
JUSTICE LEAGUE TROPHY ROOM - BATMAN MODERN UTILITY BELT REPLICA The latest announcement for the Justice League Trophy Room is the Batman Modern Utility Belt Replica. This item is faux leather, with multiple pouches, gold snaps, a gold-plated metal buckle and more. We've got it listed at $279.99, which saves you $70 dollars off of the MSRP - check this one out and order yours today.
DETECTIVE COMICS BOX SET This new set includes action figures of five characters - Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Bat-Mite and the Riddler - along with a Detective Comic Classics trade paperback full of stories of each character. This box set is slated to arrive in June, and is listed at $44.99.
HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE SERIES 4 - SET, SINGLES The History of the DCUniverse line, based off of the artwork of George Perez, is getting another series of figures. This wave includes Superman as Nightwing (from Kandor), Captain Atom in his original costume, Silver Age Martian Manhunter and Kobra. Each of these is listed singly for $15.99, or you can save a few bucks and get the set of 4 figures for $59.99.
WORLD OF WARCRAFT COLLECTIBLE COIN SETS - ALLIANCE, HORDE The History of the DCUniverse line, based off of the artwork of George Perez, is getting another series of figures. This wave includes Superman as Nightwing (from Kandor), Captain Atom in his original costume, Silver Age Martian Manhunter and Kobra. Each of these is listed singly for $15.99, or you can save a few bucks and get the set of 4 figures for $59.99.
NEW ARTWORK - SIMPSONS, HALO, STAR WARS, BUFFY, FAMILY GUY, MORE We've recently started listing a number of art pieces (Giclees, Pix-Cels and more) from Acme Archives. This limited edition collectibles are ready for framing, and show a wide variety of styles and subjects, in lines like the Simpsons, Star Wars, Family Guy, Futurama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Halo, Indiana Jones and more. Check out the list of new pieces and pick your favorites.
SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO MODELS - 1/700 YAMATO, ANDROMEDA; 1/350 YAMATO Three new (or re-rleased) model kits have been announced by Bandai. The 1/700 Scale Andromeda and Yamato ships each come with a display stand and are priced at $$27.99 and $25.99 respectively; the 1/350 Yamato kit with movement, light and sound is priced at $624.99, and all three model kits are to arrive this December.
STARGATE SG-1 GOA'ULD DEATH GLIDER REPLICA This replica of the feared aircraft measures 8" wide and is limited to just 1500 individually-numbered pieces. The Death Glider comes with a base that includes a stone circle and a miniature stargate, and is priced at $94.99, $5 below MSRP, with a December arrival date.
TF ROTF BUMBLEBEE & SOUNDWAVE NEST BATTLE PACK This upcoming set of Deluxe class figures includes a new recolor of Soundwave in blue and maroon alongside Cannon Bumblebee with a new helmeted head. This set should arrive in February, and we've got it listed at $23.99.
TF ROTF VOYAGER 2010 SERIES 1 - CASES, SET, SINGLES The new Voyager wave includes Bludgeon and Recon Ironhide, and we've got the set of the two listed at $47.99, with singles also available of Recon ironhide, at $24.99 each. Also listed are two new 2010 Voyager Case Assortments, priced at $89.99 each; Voyager 2010 Wave 1 includes two each of Bludgeon and Recon Ironhide, while the 2010 Wave 1 Revision 2 case incldues Optimus Prime and The Fallen in addition to the two new bots.
NHL SPORTSPICKS SERIES 23 - CASE WITH COLLECTOR FIGURE, SINGLES The latest case assortment with the new Chase & Collector figures has been listed. The case is listed at $89.99 and includes two each of Marc-Andre Fleury and Alexander Ovechkin 4, with one each of Gordie Howe, Teemu Selanne 2, Bobby Orr and Luke Schenn, not including any changes due to the Chase or Collector figure that comes in each case assortment. These figures are also available as singles, at $11.99 each.
OPTIMUS PRIME BUST BANK The next release in the G1 Bust Bank line is this version of Optimus Prime. Sculpted by Art Asylum, this bust has Optimus searching the sky with his gun at the ready, and is listed at $17.99.
DARTH VADER HELMET CLOCK RADIO The Dark Lord of the Sith's head is now available to tell you the time. Featuring LEDs in the eyes, this clock includes an AM/FM radio, sound clips from the movies and even a jack for your MP3 player. This new piece is listed at $46.99, a $ 3 savings off the MSRP.

New Arrivals

TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE MP-04 COMPLETE SET We've received a restock shipment of the MP-04 Masterpiece Prime figure. This set includes Masterpiece Optimus Prime along with his trailer, and is listed at $199.99 - if you missed out on this import Masterpiece figure, now is your chance to pick up the whole set in one fell swoop.
TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE MP-08 GRIMLOCK RESTOCK We've also restocked the MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock figure. The head Dinobot comes with his sword and gun, a brain-transfer device and a serving tray with glasses, and is priced at $144.99.
GEARS OF WAR SERIES 5 - SET, SINGLES The newest wave of Gears of War figures has arrived. This set includes Colonel Hoffman, a Boomer, a Locust Beast Rider Grenadier and a COG Soldier (version 2, with new articulation and helmet), and is listed at $59.99. We've also got singles listed, with the Colonel at $13.99, the Beast Rider at $14.99 and the new COG Soldier at $16.99 - mix and match your favorites.
TMNT 25H ANNIVERSARY FUGITOID FIGURE This chromed version of the Turtles' robot friend has been released by Playmates in honor of the 25th Anniversary of TMNT. This figure is not articulated, but he's scaled with your other Turtles figures and ready to join your collection for just $12.99.
STAR WARS 1/72 SCALE COMPLETED MILLENNIUM FALCON MODEL This limited edition has been released for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in Japan. Fully completed, this model has been carefully painted and weathered for a battle-damaged look, and is limited to 500 units. Priced at $799.99, this piece comes with its own wooden base with numbered nameplate and removable acrylic case.
MARVEL SELECT CAPTAIN MAR-VELL - KREE VERSION This version of Captain Mar-Vell shows him as he appeared in 1967's Marvel Super-Heroes #12. Complete in Kree Armor, Captain Marvel includes a base showing his crashed ship, and is listed at $17.99.
13" WONDER WOMAN DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE The latest release in DC's 1/6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure line is Wonder Woman. This figure has her in her traditional costume, and includes her bracelets, tiara and magic lasso. We've got this figure priced at $79.99, a savings of $20 off the MSRP.
HALO 3 SERIES 6 EXCLUSIVE BLUE SPARTAN EVA This exclusive Halo figure is shared by Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart Canada and Diamond Comics. The Blue Spartan EVA figure includes a Rocket Launcher and Overkill Medal, and is listed at $14.99.
MARVEL UNIVERSE SECRET WARS SERIES 2 - SET, SINGLES We've received a large shipment of Secret Wars Wave 2 figure two-packs. You can pick up Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto, Iron Man & Spider-Woman or Hulk & Cyclops at $15.99 per two-pack, or you can pick up the set of all three two-apcks for $44.99 and save a few bucks.
EL SUPERBEASTO FIGURE SET From Rob Zombie's new movie "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" comes this set of figures. El Superbeasto the monster hunter is joined by his sister Suzi-X as 7" figures, and the set of two is priced at $27.99, $4 off the MSRP.
LPS COLLECTIBLE PETS SERIES B3 SINGLES Our cases of Collectible Pets Wave B3 went like lightning, but we've still got singles of most of the figures available. We've got Bunny, Cat, Dachshund, Mouse & Rat and Sugar Glider & Spider in stock, with each pack listed at $5.99 - pick your favorites and have them on their way to you today.

Posted by charlie on October 22nd 2009, 05:21 PM
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