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Tremors-A-Thon 1

This may sound strange, even coming from me, but last weekend we held the First Ever Tremors Movie Marathon, in which a group of us watched Tremors 1, 2, 3 and 4 non-stop, with no breaks, and with lots of Petes Wicked Ale. Now, it could be that the beer was nice and smooth, or that it was nice to have a Saturday evening to relax, or that Michael Gross (the dad on Family Ties) is so much the most awesome part of all four movies, or that the company was excellent; I have no explanation, except that it was hardcore and transcendent.

I went into the event, I admit, highly skeptical of having a good time, as I fully expected to find movies 2-4 to be a tremendous waste, even on a bad-movie scale. What I found instead was a wonderful gestalt of common themes and self-referential material, most notably in Tremors 4, which when watched back-to-back-to-back-to-back made for a memorable and awesome experience. Perhaps you just have to be in the right mood, or be eating a lot of kettle chips and Dinosaur BBQ dip and beer, or have like-minded company to hoot and holler and laugh along with you. Regardless, to all within the sound of my voice - gather a few friends together, clear 6 hours or so (it actually went surprisingly quickly), settle down with enough snacks and beverage so that there are no interruptions, and do the marathon. There are some rough spots, to be sure, but seriously when the last film plays out its genius, as only appreciated having just immediately prior seen the first three films, it will all be worth it.
Posted by charlie on March 27th 2006
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