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Doctor Who Target Novelizations
Doctor Who Target Novelisations
#TitleAuthorPub   Collection
001Doctor Who and the Abominable SnowmenTerrance Dicks19741983
002Doctor Who and the Android InvasionTerrance Dicks1978
003Doctor Who and the Androids of TaraTerrance Dicks19801982, 1984
004Doctor Who and The Ark in SpaceIan Marter19771981, 1984, 1991
005Doctor Who and The Armageddon FactorTerrance Dicks19801984
006Doctor Who and the Auton InvasionTerrance Dicks19741983
007Doctor Who and The Brain of MorbiusTerrance Dicks19771981, 1984
008Doctor Who and the Carnival of MonstersTerrance Dicks19741982
009Doctor Who and The Cave MonstersMalcolm Hulke19741984
010Doctor Who and The Claws of AxosTerrance Dicks19771982, 1984
011Doctor Who and The Creature from the PitDavid Fisher19811984
012Doctor Who and The CrusadersDavid Whitaker19731982, 1984
013Doctor Who and The Curse of PeladonBrian Hayles19741984
014Doctor Who and The CybermenGerry Davis19741982
015Doctor Who and The DæmonsBarry Letts19741982, 1983
016Doctor Who and The DaleksDavid Whitaker19731984
017Doctor Who and The Dalek Invasion of EarthTerrance Dicks19771982 II, 1984
018Doctor Who and The Day of the DaleksTerrance Dicks1974
019Doctor Who and The Deadly AssassinTerrance Dicks19771982
020Doctor Who -- Death to the DaleksTerrance Dicks19781984
021Doctor Who and the Destiny of the DaleksTerrance Dicks19791983
022Doctor Who and The Dinosaur InvasionMalcolm Hulke19761984 pin
023Doctor Who and The Doomsday WeaponMalcolm Hulke19741982 pin, 1983
024Doctor Who and The Enemy of the WorldIan Marter19811984
025Doctor Who and The Face of EvilTerrance Dicks19781982, 1983
026Doctor Who -- Full CircleAndrew Smith19821984
027Doctor Who and the Genesis of the DaleksTerrance Dicks1976
028Doctor Who and the Giant RobotTerrance Dicks19751981, 1984
029Doctor Who and the Green DeathMalcom Hulke19741980, 1983
030Doctor Who and the Hand of FearTerrance Dicks19791984
031Doctor Who and the Horns of NimonTerrance Dicks1980
032Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang RockTerrance Dicks19781984
033Doctor Who and the Ice WarriorsBrian Hayles19761982, 1984
034Doctor Who and the Image of FendahlTerrence Dicks1979
035Doctor Who and the Invasion of TimeTerrance Dicks19791984
036Doctor Who and the Invisible EnemyTerrence Dicks19791982 II
037Doctor Who and the Keeper of TrakenTerrence Dicks19821984
038Doctor Who and the Keys of MarinusPhilip Hinchcliffe19801980, 1984
039Doctor Who and the Leisure HiveDavid Fisher19821982 II
040Doctor Who and the Loch Ness MonsterTerrence Dicks19761978
041Doctor Who -- LogopolisChristopher H. Bidmead19821984
042Doctor Who and the Masque of MandragoraPhilip Hinchcliffe19771979 pin, 1982, 1991
043Doctor Who and the Monster of PeladonTerrance Dicks19801980
044Doctor Who and the MutantsTerrance Dicks19771982 II
045Doctor Who and the Nightmare of EdenTerrance Dicks1978
046Doctor Who and the Planet of the DaleksTerrance Dicks19761982, 1984
047Doctor Who and the Planet of EvilTerrance Dicks19771984
048Doctor Who and the Planet of the SpidersTerrance Dicks19751984
049Doctor Who and the Power of KrollTerrance Dicks19791983
050Doctor Who and the Pyramids of MarsTerrance Dicks19761983
051Doctor Who and the Revenge of the CybermenTerrance Dicks1976
052Doctor Who and the Ribos OpperationIan Marter19791979, 1983
053Doctor Who and the Robots of DeathIan Marter19791982
054Doctor Who and the Sea-DevilsMalcolm Hulke19741984
055Doctor Who and the Seeds of DoomPhilip Hinchcliffe1977
056Doctor Who and the Sontaran ExperimentPhilip Hinchcliffe19781984
057Doctor Who and the Space WarMalcolm Hulke19761983
058Doctor Who and the State of DecayTerrance Dicks19811982, 1984
059Doctor Who and the Stones of BloodTerrance Dicks19811982, 1984
060Doctor Who and the SunmakersTerrrance Dicks19821982, 1983
061Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-ChiangTerrance Dicks1977
062Doctor Who and the Tenth PlanetGerry Davis19761984
063Doctor Who and the Terror of the AutonsTerrance Dicks19751984
064Doctor Who and the Three DoctorsTerrance Dicks19751983, 1984
065Doctor Who and the Time WarriorTerrance Dicks19781983
066Doctor Who and the Tomb of the CybermenGerry Davis19781984
067Doctor Who and the UnderworldTerrance Dicks19801982
068Doctor Who and an Uneartly ChildTerrence Dicks19811983, 1984
069Doctor Who and the VisitationEric Saward19821984, 1992
070Doctor Who and the War GamesMalcolm Hulke19791979 (rough)
071Doctor Who and Warrior's GateJohn Lydecker19821983
072Doctor Who and the Web of FearTerrance Dicks19781984
073Doctor Who and the ZarbiBill Strutton19651981, 1984
074Doctor Who -- Time-FlightPeter Grimwade19831983
075Doctor Who -- MeglosTerrance Dicks19831984
076Doctor Who -- CastrovalvaChristopher H. Bidmead19831984
077Doctor Who -- Four to DoomsdayTerrance Dicks19831984
078Doctor Who -- EarthshockIan Marter19831983 II
079Doctor Who -- TerminusJohn Lydecker1983
080Doctor Who -- Arc of InfinityTerrance Dicks1973
081The Five DoctorsTerrance Dicks19831984
082Doctor Who -- Mawdryn UndeadPeter Grimwade19831983
083SnakedanceTerrance Dicks19841984
084Doctor Who -- KindaTerrance Dicks19841984
085Doctor Who -- EnlightenmentBarbara Clegg19841984
086Doctor Who -- The DominatorsIan Marter1984
087Doctor Who -- Warriors of the DeepTerrance Dicks19841984
088Doctor Who -- The AztecsJohn Lucarotti19841984
089Doctor Who -- InfernoTerrance Dicks19841984
090Doctor Who -- The HighlandersGerry Davis19841984
091Doctor Who -- FrontiosChristopher H. Bidmead19841984
092Doctor Who -- The Caves of AndrozaniTerrance Dicks19841984, 1992
093Doctor Who -- Planet of FirePeter Grimwade19841984
094Doctor Who -- Marco PoloJohn Lucarotti19851985
095Doctor Who -- The AwakeningEric Pringle19851985
096Doctor Who -- The Mind of EvilTerrance Dicks19851985
097Doctor Who -- The Myth MakersDonald Cotton19851985
098Doctor Who -- The InvasionIan Marter19851985, 1993
099Doctor Who -- The KrotonsTerrance Dicks19851985
100Doctor Who -- The Two DoctorsRobert Holms19851985
101Doctor Who -- The GunfightersDonald Cotton19851986
102Doctor Who -- The Time MonsterTerrance Dicks19861986
103Doctor Who -- The Twin DilemmaEric Saward19851985
104Doctor Who -- Galaxy FourWilliam Emms1985HC, 1985
105Doctor Who -- TimelashGlen McCoy19851985
106Doctor Who -- Vengence on VarosPhillip Martin1988
107Doctor Who -- The Mark of the RaniPip and Jane Baker19861986
108Doctor Who -- The King's DemonsTerence Dudley19861986
109Doctor Who -- The SavagesIan Stuart Black1986
110Doctor Who -- Fury from the DeepVictor Pemberton19861986
111Doctor Who -- The Celestial ToymakerGerry Davis &
Allison Bingeman
112Doctor Who -- The Seeds of DeathTerrance Dicks1986
113Doctor Who -- Black OrchidTerance Dudley19861987
114Doctor Who -- The ArkPaul Erickson1986
115Doctor Who -- The Mind RobberPeter Ling19861986
116Doctor Who -- The Faceless OnesTerrance Dicks1987
117Doctor Who -- The Space MuseumGlyn Jones1987
118Doctor Who -- The SensoritesNigel Robinson19871987
119Doctor Who -- The Reign of TerrorIan Marter19871987
120Coctor Who -- The RomansDonald Cotton1987
121Doctor Who -- The Ambassadors of DeathTerrance Dicks19871987
122Doctor Who -- The MasacreJohn Lucarotti19871987
123Doctor Who -- The Macra TerrorIan Stuart Black19861986
124Doctor Who -- The RescueIan Marter19871988
125Doctor Who -- Terror of the VervoidsPip & Jane Baker1987
126Doctor Who -- The Time MeddlerNigel Robinson1988
127Doctor Who -- The Mysterious PlanetTerrance Dicks19901987
128Doctor Who -- Time and the RaniPip and Jane Baker1987
129Doctor Who -- The Underwater MenaceNigel Robinson1988
130Doctor Who -- The Wheel in SpaceTerrance Dicks19881988
131Doctor Who -- The Ultimate FoePip and Jane Baker1987
132Doctor Who -- The Edge of DestructionNigel Robinson1988
133Doctor Who -- The SmugglersTerrence Dicks1988
134Doctor Who -- Paradise TowersStephen Wyatt19881989
135Doctor Who -- Delta and the BannermenMalcolm Kohl19881989 (rough)
136Doctor Who -- The War MachinesIan Stuart Black19891989
138Doctor Who -- Attack of the CybermenEric Saward1989
139Doctor Who -- MindwarpPhillip Martin1989
140Doctor Who -- The ChaseJohn Peel1989
141Doctor Who -- Mission to the Unknown
(The Dalek's Masterplan part 1)
John Peel1989
142Doctor Who -- The Mutation of Time
(The Dalek's Masterplan part 2)
John Peel1989
143Doctor Who -- Silver NemesisKevin Clarke1989
144Doctor Who -- The Greatest Show in the GalaxyStephen Wyatt19881989
145Doctor Who -- Planet of the GiantsTerrance Dicks1990
146Doctor Who -- The Happiness PatrolGrame Curry1990
147Doctor Who -- The Space PiratesTerrance Dicks1990
148Doctor Who -- Rememberance of the DaleksBen Aaronovitch1990
149Doctor Who -- Ghost LightMark Platt1990
150Doctor Who: SurvivalRono Munro1990
151Doctor Who -- Curse of the FenricIan Briggs1990
152Doctor Who -- BattlefieldMark Platt1991
153Doctor Who -- The PescatonsVictor Pemberton1991
154Doctor Who -- Power of the DaleksJohn Peel1993
155Doctor Who -- The Evil of the DaleksJohn Peel1993
156Doctor Who -- The Paradise of DeathBarry Letts1993
xxxDoctor Who -- SlipbackEric Saward1987
xxxDoctor Who -- Mission to MagnusPhillip Martin1990
xxxDoctor Who -- The Ultimate EvilWally K. Daly1990
xxxDoctor Who -- The Nightmare FairGraham Williams1989
xxxThe Companions of Doctor Who --
Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
Tony Attwood1986
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