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Journal Archives from February 2006
Computer Warriors

The first page of the toy section has gotten underway - go learn about Computer Warriors!
Posted by charlie on February 28th 2006
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Captain Power Base

The Uncle has made such a spectacular purchase today - I'm so proud of him, he's come so far in so short a time!

While I do hope to spin an entire article out of this, I will begin here so that it's not forever lost. In watching this auction in the days and hours leading up to the Uncle's great victory, I decided to mine the eBay results of the other strange folk who were participating in the event. Most of them were run of the mill, but one dude stinks of a dealer, and let me show you why:
Old Visionaries stuff.
A much cheaper Captain Power item.
This $260 Mechwarrior Domination Booster Case (several of these).
Larger Transformer pieces, like this Scorponok, a Metroplex
in styrofoam, oh, and let's not forget an entire Fort Max. Yeah, indeed.
He even throws in some MASK vehicles and figures for good measure.

And now for some of the more personally incriminating items in the list, like the sexy bad girl comic collection (several lots like this), the slightly more racy Adult sexy bad girl comic books, and what I find to be the most amusing item on the list, what appears to be flat-out furry porn. Of course I'd need an expert opinion on that - I have my vices and fortunately that's not one of them. [time passes] Why I just wasted my time looking this up may only be excused by basic human curiosity, but wikipedia has this to say about ol' Omaha there.

It's really just more of the same on that bidder's history. I thought for sure they would come in with the big wallet and ruin the Uncle's dream, but it all worked out in the end, like an after school special.
Posted by charlie on February 27th 2006
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Thrill to the amazement of William Shatner speaking Esperanto!

Direct from dark_zephyr comes news that a new site called carster has been launched by the kind folks who brought us petster. Though seriously lacking any content as yet, we were able to find this wonderful entry on the fledgling website. Just read it, you'll be glad you did.
Posted by charlie on February 26th 2006
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Preserve DB

Attempts to power up the Preserve with a database have been met with moderate success. Don't put too much stock in any errors or inconvenient things you still see here. At least the old Tussin article lives again!
Posted by charlie on February 25th 2006
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The Preserve Returns!

After over a year long hiatus, or there abouts, I've finally set about bringing the Preserve back to the digital living. I have grand plans, and it remains to be seen what comes of them.

Here's the first Internet Aneurysm of the new deal.
Posted by charlie on February 24th 2006
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