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The Mighty Edwards Speaks from the Mountain

I've recently gotten a set of wonderful game recommendations from The Mighty Edwards and I felt that I would be extremely remiss in not sharing his wizdom with all. Today insight will be provided into the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn systems, in that order. He can also pontificate on the DC which can be the focus of a future article - I still have to pack for Ireland!
- charlie


Ok guess I will chime in with some 16-bit Sega goodness. I know I won't get them all but this is a brief list. Anything with a ? denotes something I haven't played but hear is good. Asterisks are must-haves.

RPG: Phantasy Star II*/III/IV*, Shining in the Darkness?, Sword of Vermillion

Action RPG: WonderBoy V*, Beyond Oasis?, Landstalkers?, Toe Jam & Earl

Strategy RPG: Warsong*, Dark Wizard CD*, Shining Force, Faery Tale

Adventure Strategy: Warrior of Rome II/III?

RTS: Herzog Zwei*, Centurion*, Star Control*, Syndicate, Starlight, Populous

Simulation: M1 Abrams Tank*, 688 Attack Sub?, After Burner II?

Puzzle: Zany Golf*, Columns, Lemmings, Klax, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine?

Action Puzzle: Mega Bomberman ('94!)*, Marble Madness*, Rampart*, Lost Vikings*

Vertical Shooter: Silpheed CD*, Fire Shark?

Horizontal Shooter: Lightening Force*, Gunstar Heroes*, Hellfire, Gaiares?

360 Shooter: Granada*, Forgotten Worlds*, Battletech, Alien Soldier

Platform: Sonic*, Sonic CD, Ecco, Rocket Knight Adventures?, Vectorman

Action: Ghouls'nGhosts*, Shinobi*, MegaMan*, Earthworm Jim, Spiderman, Flashback

Hack n Slash: Strider*, Golden Axe I/II*, Castlevania*, Pitfall, Galahad?

Fighting: Eternal Champions CD*, SFII SCE, Fighting Masters, Mortal Kombat II

Light Gun: Terminator 2?, Lethal Enforcers?

Racing: Super Monaco GP, Pro Am Racing, Micro Machines?, Road Rash?, Race Drivin?

BALL: Cyberball*, World Championship Soccer, Arnold Palmer (FantasyZone minigame)


I don't know if I will remember everything, but I'll try to give an approximation on the prices since they can get a bit ludicrous. If you need better descriptions, I can elaborate! They also made a Langrisser Tribute (I-V) package and if you find it and don't sell it to me first, I will disown you as a friend. Just a warning :) Sorry, it's my series. I've played every incarnation of I-III except for the one they made for the Super Famicom and the sequel on MegaDrive which I think is the same one I had on PC-FX (NEC's 32-bit anime system). It's a shame the one on Dreamcast is so poor. Anyway, on with the list.


Panzer Dragoon* ($8) - shooter, great 3D shooter
Panzer Dragoon Saga ($85) - RPG, best game for system I've seen
Bomberman ($30) - best party game ever (except maybe for 94/Mega on Duo/Gen)
Guardian Heroes ($25) - action adventure, party, awesome
Shining Force III ($80) - strategy RPG, awesome
Shining the Holy Ark ($40) - RPG, decent first person perspective
Dark Savior ($25) - fighter RPG, unique, damn hard, but interesting
Mystaria/Blazing Heroes ($20) - strategy RPG, I bought from Ryan but doesn't work
Dragon Force ($50) - strategy RPG, command armies of soldiers, dragons, zombies
Iron Storm ($30) - strategy, WWII sim
Legend of Oasis ($20) - action RPG, beautiful animation, vaguely Arabian
Mr. Bones ($20) - rhythm?, never played, shows a skeleton on bass
Fighters Megamix ($15) - Virtua Fighter vs. Fighting Vipers, only VF worth having
Virtua On ($5) - fighter, cool 3D mech fighting game
Galaxy Force II ($20) - shooter, never played, supposedly like Afterburner
Worldwide Soccer 98 ($15) - best soccer game IMHO, music by Richard Jacques
Sonic 3D Blast* ($20) - isometric platformer, more tunes by Richard Jacques
Sonic R* ($15) - kart racer, actual dance music in a game by Richard Jacques
Sonic Jam* ($20) - Sonic compilation, never played
Sega Rally Championship* ($5) - racer, supposedly the best on the system
Braindead 13* ($15) - FMV like Dragon's Lair, very funny, maybe unwinnable
Earthworm Jim 2* ($15) - action adventure, shooter, legendary music
Virtua Cop* ($10) - light gun, one of two reasons to have a Stunner
Virtua Cop 2* ($30) - light gun, the other reason to have a Stunner
Daytona USA* ($5) - racer, classic, in the arcade anyway
Puzzle Fighter II Turbo* ($20) - puzzle, one of the few I like
Street Fighter Collection* ($30) - fighter, has II, Turbo, Super, and Alpha 2?


Keio's Flying Squadron 2 ($40) - flight sim, released in Europe, never played
Shining Force III Chapter 2 ($200) - strategy RPG, never played
Shining Force III Chapter 3 ($40) - strategy RPG, buying soon from
Shining Force Premium Disc ($250) - strategy RPG, never played
Langrisser I&II Dramatic Edition* ($40) - strategy RPG, better elsewhere
Langrisser III ($30) - strategy RPG, a little buggy (first gen release) but good
Langrisser IV ($40) - strategy RPG, never played, supposedly the best of series
Langrisser V ($50) - strategy RPG, never played, also supposed to be good
Dragon Force II ($40) - strategy RPG, I had to sell it to eat before I could play
World Advanced Daisenryaku Scenrio Disk ($20) - strategy, Iron Storm w/ USSR
Tengai Makyo IV The Apocalypse ($30) - RPG, never played, supposedly the best RPG
Capcom Generations 2? ($30) - Ghouls n Ghosts compilation, never played
Phantasy Star Collection ($50) - Phantasy Star compilation
Radiant Silvergun ($250) - shooter, wonder if it's worth it, never played
Cotton 2 ($50) - shooter, never played, you're a witch on a broomstick
Elevator Action Returns ($30) - action, shooter, sequel to the 80s classic
Puyo Puyo 2 ($40) - puzzle, never played, #1 was Mean Bean Machine in US (?)
Wachenroder ($30) - RPG, never played, looks interesting
Blue Seed ($30) - RPG, unique card battle system, really hard to figure out
Bubble Symphony ($70) - Bubble Bobble?
Sakura Wars 2 ($50) - RPG or dating sim, I'm not sure, but it's revered...
Dead or Alive* ($35) - fighter, much better than VF or Tekken
Dracula X, Nocturne in the Moonlight* ($80) - action adventure, has extras
ThunderForce V* ($40) - shooter, may be best shooter on system
Grandia* ($30) - RPG, Game Arts' answer to Xenogears
Vampire Savior* ($30) - fighter, requires RAM upgrade cart, never played
Pocket Fighter* ($40) - fighter, requires RAM upgrade cart, never played
Metal Slug* ($60) - shooter, requires RAM upgrade cart, never played

* Also available for other systems

The Mighty Edwards, 6/25/2001
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