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lebowski fest

This just in from Tone - it's awesome on so many levels.

I discussed a fascinating idea with the Uncle today, I hope that we can move forward on it soon.

Ok, I just found out something amazing. Let's see if I can possibly hope to explain:
We were watching an episode of The Henry Rollins Show and his guest was Jeff Bridges who had plenty of intersting things to say, but certainly the thing which made the greatest impression on me was the mention of a Lebowski Fest!!! Apparently there are festivals around the country which celebrate the great film, and the Dude. In keeping with my standard habit, I was really really excited then immediately forgot about it until just now.

Just now we remembered to check out the upcoming locations for the event, and low and behold, there is the 5th annual Fest in Louisville Kentucky! Now, immediately I remembered the words of the Uncle, echoing in my head, that he wants to go to Botcon this year, but that it's going to be rough since it's in Kentucky, in the middle of no where. Suddenly I was beset with a panicked fury, knowing that I needed some data and needed it fast. It was too much to hope, certainly, that a confluence of absurdity would actually put these events during the same time, and in any sort of geographic proximity...

I raced to the botcon site, having not memorized the date of the coming show, and looked through the needlessly long front page of the site, until I found it. "BotCon 2006 will be held in Lexington, Kentucky! September 28 - October 1 at the Lexington Convention Center adjacent to the Hyatt Regency." Unreal!

Now, I admit that my Kentucky geography isn't what it used to be, so off to yahoo.maps. Can you imagine what I found? Well imagine no longer, behold! These two cities are 78 miles apart. It's almost more than I can believe. I can feel the seeds of an expensive and likely terrible idea being not only planted, but growing at an insane rate! I think it's time for bed, but think about - think about how insanely cool this all is. It's almost too much to believe.
Posted by charlie on June 19th 2006
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