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San Diego Comic Con day 2

The first full day of Comic Con was jam packed with awesomeness, exclusive toys, and first-run movie viewings galore! Below we feature several more pictures which highlight the day's events, along with a little additional description to help get you in the spirit.

On the way out of the hall today, we actually caught this mashup of two groups, showing us what happens when the crew of the Enterprise runs into a flock of Jesus. I don't really think that's an accurate interpretation of what is going on there, but it is an awesome picture.

After becoming gravely concerned about the ability to secure any of the Toy exclusives when Preview Night on Wednesday was too busy to accomplish a blessed thing, we bit the bullet today and sat in the Hasbro line for two, count 'em two, hours and were eventually victorious! They had not even sold out of any products by the time we reached the counter, so both versions of Cobra Commander have now joined the Preserve! Additionally, the line to NECA was non-existent in the morning, so Bronze Conan and the much anticipated Mouser 3-pack were also secured, with much rejoicing! Sadly the Watchmen t-shirt that we pictured several days ago seemed a little steep at $30, so we have reluctantly passed on that for the time being. Perhaps if enough others do the price will become more reasonable before the end of the show.

As for the Hasbro line, though, not to get sidetracked, it is worth a short description of the madness that it involved, hopefully acting then as a useful tool for those who may read this and are at the show, and need to venture into the line themselves. First it is necessary to go to the 2nd floor and get a 'ticket' - which lists a time range during which you are 'guaranteed' a place in line. The next thing to do is to return to the booth at which time you are told that the ticket 'guarantees you nothing' and you are instructed to stand in a line which runs counter-clockwise around their booth. After about an hour, people are 'selected' from that first line, thereby winning the chance to sit in the second line, which then snakes through a long cattle herd gate and...and...eventually gets to the counter, where the friendly and good spirited staff help fill your order - a pretty absurd and long process to get the exclusives though, I'm amazed they had enough product to satisfy even the people I saw in line, let alone all others for the full convention time. An interesting side effect of spending so long in line, and having not eaten all day, is that by the time you get to the front you are dead-set on maxing out the checklist of items (and quantities thereof) you may buy, and we did just about that today!

The last thing of great interest from Thursday was the world premiere of Lost Boys: The Tribe which took place at 10pm, featuring the much-anticipated return of Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog! While the movie certainly had its rough spots, it had a solid intro and ending, and has already proved to be quotable enough to come up several times tonight since the viewing. An additional fun thing was the presence of a Jungle Lord pinball machine in the lair of the head Vampire. It didn't get destroyed in the final fight scene, and the victorious couple even pose in front of it, subtly in a similar pose to the two figures on the backglass! I was going to ask who was the Jungle Lord fan, as my panel question, but the Uncle hit it right out of the park, asking the Frog Brothers on the panel "if it wasn't a tactical error, invading the hive of blood suckers, at night, in the dark" Both brothers rose from their comfortable seats, and issued various challenges and declarations towards the Uncle, but it was clear by the reaction of the crowd and even of the director that the Uncle had won, this day,

Posted by charlie on July 25th 2008, 06:40 AM
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