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Journal Archives from February 2007
Flash Force Tornado Chopper

The Flash Force 2000 series is one of the little known lines that the Preserve delights in bringing to the Internet. In an effort to build out what is a very small overall series of toys, adding to the mysterious Base Playset that was discovered in the archives, another playset has been added. As soon as it arrives, a full photoessay will be provided.

In other news, this Takara Brave Grandus figure is something that The Uncle wants very badly. I've counseled him - how else can one car payment last forever?
Posted by charlie on February 26th 2007
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atari game selector

Today's eBay Watch feature is a 6 game cartridge selector for the old Atari systems. I have to admit that I've never noticed one of these before, but it seems like a pretty cool product. At first I thought that the picture was indicating that it worked with a foot pedal, which seemed unnecessarily awesome, but now I see that it simply has a button for each cart. What is still undeniably great, though, is the prolific wood grain. Let's just see if anyone else thinks this is as excellent as I do.

If that isn't quite excellent enough for you, always feel free to pick up an original XG-1 LightGun for the 2600, from Australia.
Posted by charlie on February 25th 2007
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Moving and Monster weekend

It was a big weekend, with much driving and lifting and games. I helped hausmaus move betwixt apartments in the tri-state area, and also relieved him of a great majority of his gaming library, as he has moved on to the next phase of his life. As a logical conclusion from that statement, I have moved, if anything, to be further entrenched in the phase where I stubbornly dwell. Soon the Hausmaus Memorial Wing of the Preserve will spring into existence.

Today, as a special treat, we get to see what happens when Burt Gummer and The Uncle battle the Zombies.

And, as a final note, please see this wonderful video of Crispin Glover, for his Willard song.
Posted by charlie on February 18th 2007
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Monster Squad

I owe The Uncle a debt of gratitude for insisting that I watch the movie The Monster Squad. I had been under the impression that, when younger, I had rented it several times, but I feel now that it's more likely that I just remember seeing it's fabulously memorable cover art in the video store over and over again. It was awesome in every way that an 80s movie should be, complete with the fat kid, the cool kid, the hot older sister, the creepy German neighbor who turns out to be a good guy...just perfect. One kid had a "Stephen King Rules" t-shirt on for the first 1/2 of the movie, and another was sleeping in a "Robotech" outfit. Fantastic!

This movie is out of print, and even on eBay fetches upwards of $40 when it rarely shows up. I managed to rent a copy from my local Hollywood video, amazingly enough, as they have quite the tape collection still. I called them up and asked what the 'lost tape' fee would be if I was 'unable to return it', but sadly they would not give me a straight answer! I think it involved something like 'the price to replace the movie' so it would remain to be seen what they base that on! I more highly suspect that it will end up on the 10 for $10 rack soon enough, and is yet another reason why my monitoring of that clearance isle must be ever vigilant!
Posted by charlie on February 10th 2007
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uncle cast posted

After the false start of yesterday, where I briefly put up the fledgling UncleCast #1 in some jacked up proprietary iTunes format, I now have added a few more things and re-exported it as an mp3, which should be more familiar and safe to everyone.

Here then is UncleCast #1, in all of it's unpolished and novice glory. There's nowhere to go from here but up!
Posted by charlie on February 8th 2007
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uncle cast

Conceived of and executed by The Uncle, the podcast accompaniment to the Game Preserve has begun to be produced. When we're sufficiently non-embarrassed by the content or presentation they will begin to be released.

Several days ago, I managed to stumble upon a Nintendo Wii, as I had been vaguely hoping would be the way such a thing worked out. I admit to finding unexplainable attraction to the Wii Sports game, I think in large part due to the point system, and the enticing carrot of "1000 point mastery" towards which I already am encouraged to strive. It doesn't look all that time consuming to reach such a goal, but I've only set aside a few hours to the pursuit thus far. I was also pleased to investigate their 'virtual console' which is making old Nintendo, as well as Sega and, oddly enough, TurboGrafx games available for emulated download and play. I have high hopes that they will continue to build out all such libraries, perhaps one day reaching near 100% coverage. Perhaps at that time the eBay prices for original boxed copies of the games will drop through the floor, and my various quests can be completed in a more monetarily reasonable way.

I am a long standing fan of awesome hairstyles, and Tito has presented us with a most excellent link of some amazing examples - it's so great, that it also must serve as the internet aneurysm for the day.
Posted by charlie on February 7th 2007
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As interested as I have been in trying out the Wii, and as pleased as I am to see the amazing change of fortune for the major companies in the videogame arena in that last 2 months, I had made a deal with myself to avoid, if at all possible, sleeping out on the pavement for any length of time to secure one. Growing increasingly tired of not magically finding one waiting for me in Target upon increasingly frequent 'just checking' trips, I decided a few days ago to finally move up to the next notch and place calls now and then. Today being only the second of such call sweeps, I was astounded to be told by the EBGames dude "yeah, we got 'em". A better use of my lunch break I cannot imagine, and now I've joined the elite class of pavement sleepers and game reviewing corporate types.

And, to make today even more successful gaming-wise, I have heard that Helen picked up an XBOX 360 - I guess that just about does it! Well, except for the PS3, but I don't think anyone is actually buying those anymore, so we'll just wait on that for a bit. You know, until they maybe lower the price or fix the buggy hardware or release at least a few interesting games that aren't also available on other cheaper consoles.
Posted by charlie on February 5th 2007
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ten for ten

A rundown of the small yet mighty Tremors-A-Thons of the past has been formalized.

The "ten movies for $10" marathon specifications follow:

  • Computer Warriors (30 min)
  • Zardoz (105 min)
  • Crossworlds (w/ Rutger! 91 min)
  • CyberTracker (91 min)
  • Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang (140 min)
  • Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (99 min)
  • COPS: The Big Shakedown (animated, 60 min)
  • COPS: The Case of the Kidnapped Kangaroo (animated, 30 min)
  • C.H.U.D. (88 min)
  • Munchies (83 min)
Total: 13h 37m

Thanks to the utter shortness of the animated features, not to mention what will no doubt be awesomely bad sci-fi (yeah Rutger!) the marathon doesn't look impossible!
Posted by charlie on February 3rd 2007
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ten for $10

In an effort to mend my previous wrong, I stopped by Hollywood Video tonight to see how their video tape sale selection was doing. Several weeks ago I had found a copy of the one and only cartoon feature ever to be created and released for the Computer Warriors line of toys, and was delighted to see that it was in the 10 for $10 bin! Upon reaching the counter, I learned the true insanity of their sale, in that it was "buy one for $10, get 9 free(!)". Not willing to either drop $10 on that tape alone, or to suffer 9 copies of the other crap that was on the shelf, I left dejectedly.

Today, however - TODAY - they had quite the selection! I walked out proudly with quite the selection of bad films, which will be posted shortly - along with, of course, the Computer Warriors tape - which had been carefully untouched by another human since last I returned it to the shelf! D-3PO had a remarkable suggestion, related to this haul, that our next movie marathon should in fact, be the "ten movies for ten dollars" marathon, where we watch, without exception, all ten of the tapes that I picked up at today's bargain basement sale. That will truly make it all worth it!
Posted by charlie on February 2nd 2007
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new master system games

Thanks to the availabilty of our nation's proud gaming history though ebay, and tenacious bidding during off hours thus guaranteeing low low prices, the Master System game library has grown by another busket full of titles. These excellent games have now brought the Preserve closer to the dream of a complete US release collection:
* Great Basketball
* Super Tennis
* Great Golf
* Rescue Mission
* Rampage
* Action Fighter
* F-16 Fighting Falcom
* Great Baseball
* Altered Beast
* Miracle Warriors
* Ghostbusters
* Parlour Games
* Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting

Posted by charlie on February 1st 2007
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