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Joe comic packs wave 3 and DC Universe Classics

Holy frijoles loyal Preserve readers! Today was an absurd day in the local toy isles! A ton of new product, as well as some hard to find January items all turned up in a cavalcade, and this, my friends, this is the result!

The morning Target run saw fit to finally result in the Pandora's Purchase of the first four (out of five) figures in the new Mattel DC Universe Classics line. These figures are sculpted by The Four Horsemen, and are really beautiful to behold. The first wave of 2008, as well as being the first wave in this product line, features five figures, but unfortunately I waited until what is perhaps the most impressive figure in this wave, The Demon Etrigan, found it's way to another lucky home. This was enough to unleash the purchase of the remaining four, which I encourage you to check out.

Having learned a little more about this line, I am astonished that the official plan from Mattel is to release five figures per wave, for five waves per year, for five years! That's 125 figures! To further raise the stakes, and make it a blasted near-necessity to purchase all figures in a wave if you purchase any, is that each wave will have it's own Build a Figure, with a part of the figure packed with each of the regular characters in the wave. Additionally, Mattel plans several character variants per wave, usually a 'classic' vs. 'modern' color scheme change, with the variants being fairly well short packed. Seems this is the start of a beautiful, though expensive, relationship with this gorgeous line! Hunting Tip: Red Tornado comes with yellow-striped pants or just plain red pants - good luck!
Even more surprising, since I was not aware that these items were scheduled to land for a few more weeks and certainly not in my small town, the entire 3rd wave of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary comic packs were discovered today!

What a fantastic rush it is to find something like this in the wild. That's really what drives the obsession week after week - the fruitless searches sometimes result in days like this, when everything just goes right. The four sets in this wave are truly spectacular. The coloring, the characters themselves, even the Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow pack is appealing - Stormy even has a superb cloth cloak! The runaway success of the hunt today in my small town encouraged The Uncle to embark on a hunt of his own, with fellow Preserve enthusiast Dan, all across the major metropolis where he lives. Amazingly, his efforts turned up nothing more than a cup of cheap soda and a helping of disappointment. All was not lost for him today, though, as I was also able to find both GI Joe comic packs from wave 2 (Destro vs. Breaker, Ripper and Torch). Of course the three packs from wave 1 continue to clog the shelves, so it was an amazing day where all three waves were found in their entirety - how rare! The really exciting upshot is that now the Rescue Doc mail away offer can be completed and submitted before the tremendous interest in this product line results in the figures selling out before the promotion has hardly gotten off the ground. When Doc is saved, you better believe you'll be seeing him on the Preserve!
Oh, and if all that wasn't surprising enough, several fresh cases full of the new Transformers Voyager class Incinerator, most still packed full, were found at WalMart as well!

This figure is a new mold, which is great to see at this late point in the movie/AllSpark line. It reminds me of a huge, fantastically detailed version of a later series Go-Bot which will help me enjoy the figure more than associating it with the movie. The Challenge of the AllSpark!
Posted by charlie on February 9th 2008
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