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The ColecoVision system, with the dust cover accessory
The ColecoVision is one of the forefathers of our modern gaming industry. With an extensive library, and accessories that were advanced and forward thinking, it earns our respect and continued admiration. It also has a certain early '80s panache that will always endear it to the Preserve!

The large and small dolphins pictured with it carry a very strong arcade heritage as well. They were from the claw machine at the local arcade which I frequented in my youth - Challenges in Willow Grove Mall, Pennsylvania. I never would win anything out of that machine, and it's a tribute to smart operators everyplace who had (and have!) those machines on location because they certainly made their money off of me. On a particularly lucky day, I was able to win one of those little dolphins. Seeing that there was apparently the friend dolphin still in the machine, I dedicated several weekends and who knows how many quarters until I had gotten the matching dolphin. They have traveled closely with the game systems over the years, and currently hang out with the coleco stuff, for some reason. It was fitting, then, that they be pictured here, and that their story finally be told!
Here you can see the uncovered glory of the ColecoVision deck, as well as a selection of my very favorite games! I purchased those titles at the very first PhillyClassic I attended, some years ago when it was still a small, intimate and fun event. I am fairly certain that the carts are imports and bootlegs, and just find them to be awesome. If you look closely, you'll also notice that the copy of Pitfall is autographed, to me, from Pitfall Harry! That's right, the rocket scientist who holds the world record for the shortest time to score a perfect completion on the old Atari Pitfall. He was there, dressed as a giant Pitfall cart. Someplace I have a picture with him, that needs to be found.
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Toy Catalogs
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Play Meter Magazine: April 15, 1985
Play Meter Magazine
April 15, 1985
Egon: w/ Symmetrical Book Stacking
w/ Symmetrical Book Stacking


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