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Journal Archives from January 2007
eBay watch - laser beasts

This evening the eBay Watch from yesterday ended, with excellently expected results!

The american released Laser Beasts and Battle Charger MOC auction crossed the finish line with the following stats:
Ending Bid: $837.60
Total Bids: 18 brave bidders!
Total Views: 889!

Looks like interest is still well alive for that series, so keep those eyes sharp at the next dirt mall and flea market you are lucky enough to attend!
Posted by charlie on January 30th 2007
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eBay watch - laser beasts

A new feature which I'm seriously considering adding to the Preserve is the eBay Watch. I spend an inordinate amount of time window shopping on eBay these days, which is both cheaper and less space-consuming than actually buying everything cool that I find. In an effort to further extend my imaginary dollar, I think that if I save for currency and posterity, auctions and items of note, that we really can all be winners.

Something interesting that graced my eyes this week is an auction not long for this world. It is for two sealed two-packs of Battle Beasts. Well, one two-pack and one Battle Charger. What makes these items remarkable, and somewhat explains the amazing high bid, is that they are in fact from the last and nearly impossible to find series of those figures. Called Laser Beasts overseas, seeing them on US cards, still sealed and in such great shape is truly rare indeed! The Battle Charger is also extremely rare, especially in that condition. The final bid will be interesting, and I hope that the winner properly protects the great additions to their collection.
Posted by charlie on January 29th 2007
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Patrick Stewart Extras

There is a British comedy, which has just begun its second season, called Extras. There have been a series of excellent celebrity guests on the show, and while I missed the entire first season I was recently pointed towards a comedy bit with Patrick Stewart. It really has to be seen to be believed.

A favorite weather event of mine is 'Thunder Snow' which is rare, and sounds make-believe. In fact it does happen now and then around upstate NY, and in particular was a major feature of the great 2006 Buffalo storm, or Lake Storm Aphid. I've only been in one such storm, but it's always awesome to see the little icon on the weather page.
Posted by charlie on January 27th 2007
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Pinette Buffet

Everyone loves to watch a fat man make buffet jokes, and that sums up John Pinette's classic bit from years past. I have to remind myself that I share his same passion for food, and there but for the grace of several hundred pounds go I.
Posted by charlie on January 22nd 2007
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We mostly successfully completed our perhaps misguided plan of a massive Muppethon this past Saturday leading into Sunday. The schedule was as follows:

* Meet the Muppets (warm up)
* The Muppet Movie (1979) 95min
* The Great Muppet Caper (1981) 95min
* The Dark Crystal (1982) 93min
* The Muppets Take Manattan (1984) 94
* Labryinth (1986) 101min
* Muppet Family Christmas (1987) 42min
* Muppet Treasure Island (1996) 99min
* Muppets from Space (1999) 87min
* It's a Very Muppet Christmas (2002) 88min
* Muppets in OZ (2005) 2 hours...

As even a casual observer should be able to see, this was a lengthy and ambitious event. In the actual carrying out, we ended up skipping past 'Very Merry Muppet Christmas' due to some audio trouble, and nearly everyone passed out for at least parts of OZ, due to it's terribleness! Overall, though, it was another fantastic event, wrapping up around 5am.

I had forgotten how great the Muppet Caper is, and it's always a treat to watch Labryinth. Even Treasure Island was mostly saved by Tim Curry. I had been under the impression that the franchise had been sold to Disney, who then sold it to the Germans, and who were subsequently running it into the ground. It turns out that the Germans have sold it back to Disney, which goes a long way to explaining messes like Oz. In fact, the only movie made under the German influence was Muppets from Space, which wasn't half bad! Looks like I need to reverse my long standing critique of the German mishandling of the franchise and point the blame squarely back to the home shore.
Posted by charlie on January 21st 2007
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Computer Warriors auction

A fan of the Preserve contacted me several weeks ago, asking for help locating some items from the excellent Computer Warriors line. We were fortunate enough to find a nearly complete set individually listed on eBay for very reasonable starting bids. They all ended this evening, and I was surprised at the high results! It seems that interest in a great number of the series that are featured here on the Preserve are growing in popularity, and prices are high even in the post Christmas month. I certainly can claim no responsibility, except to say that maybe we're starting to see the graduation of some of these series from interesting collectables to more important historical artifacts.
Posted by charlie on January 11th 2007
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Falcon Down

This evening, out of the blue, The Uncle called me, and among other fantastic discussion which involved plot points that absolutely must appear in a soon to be created Podcast, he implored me to immediately turn on the Sci-Fi channel. I was met with the tail end of a fantastic looking movie called Falcon Down, and while not appearing in the cable channel credits, Shatner appeared mere moments after the screen flickered to life! I didn't want to watch just the end of the flick, so I write about it here for posterity, and as a reminder that it really must be seen.

In other music news, I finally managed to beat GarageBand into moderate submission with the help of Helen and chuggyBirch, and experimented with recording some sounds from my excellent new ESP guitar.
Posted by charlie on January 10th 2007
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Exploding Steamer

I suspect I'm about a week late with this one, as it absolutely must have already made the rounds because it involves Richard Simmons, Dave Letterman, and an exploding food steamer, but just in case. Dave and Richard really should go on the road with a two man comedy show when they both retire - every appearance of his on that show is perfect.

hausmaus provides today's Internet Aneurysm, which is equal parts awesome and hardcore.
Posted by charlie on January 7th 2007
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Tonight, the first steps towards an unnatural and unholy creation were taken. The very first rough, unscripted and moderately awesome ParryCast was recorded and committed to the digital memory, soon to be joined by its brothers and submitted to the group consciousness.
That's right, thanks to a brilliant and deadly thought burst from our very own philosopher king, The Uncle, and a drive and tenacity not seen in him since Punky Brewster was released on dvd, this project may...actually...happen.
Posted by charlie on January 3rd 2007
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New Years 2007

Right on the heels of the gift giving celebration, comes the New Year, which I hope has so far treated everyone well. I hope that the Preserve can continue to expand and delight as 2007 unfolds.

I also must apologize for the several days of down time that the Preserve suffered between Christmas and the 31st - chalk it up to a credit card expiration date and a lack of proper daily updates!

A friend who is currently living in Micronesia has told me of a powdered semi hallucinogenic alcoholic beverage stuff called 'Sakau'. This awesome dude appears with the title of 'Master of Sakau' and he certainly looks peaceful enough, though it worries me that trying the stuff would go something like this.
Posted by charlie on January 1st 2007
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