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Computer Warriors

Computer Warriors are one of those series that I find it easy to like because it's obscure, and by owning them and having some first hand experience with them in the toy isle, I feel that I am at least in some way contributing to the greater toy-collecting good. While I love my Transformers collection, and it is one of my defining personal characteristics, I admit that there are so many other fans of that series out there that it becomes very hard to be distinguished from the noise. Even having as I do a mostly complete collection isn't all that impressive any longer because anyone with enough money and patience can assemble one better than my own from ebay in a matter of several months. Now while the same may be true for Computer Warriors, the difference is that hardly anyone remembers them and as such they become remarkable!

Purchased originally in 1989 and 1990 when they were on the Clover shelves in the suburbs of Philly, here is what I can find of the original collection. I have high hopes that the few remaining missing boxes will turn up, as there are countless areas left to be searched.
Series Data
The computer is the battleground of good against evil! A secret world of transforming adventure! Get ready to LOG ON...And Expect the Unexpected!!

An accident in a top-secret government computer lets loose hordes of evil Virus troops on an unsuspecting world. These mini-madmen can infiltrate anywhere - hiding out in the most innocent places - a Pepsi can - a book - a pencil sharpener! Their goal: global domination through total control of the world's computers...even yours!
To fight this menacing evil, the computer generates heroic micro soldiers - COMPUTER WARRIORS designed to recapture the marauding Virus troops.

Heroic Super-sleuth

Leader of the Heroic Computer Warriors


Evil Expert Booby-trapper

Evil Virus Commander
Vehicles and Playsets

MVP - Soccer Trophy becomes radar rover!

Figure: Null, Evil Combatant

Cloned from a tactical sports program, this Virus is the elecronic equivalent of an army grunt. His overwhelming negative athletic ability causes total power shutdowns in most systems. Null, a battle-tested bully, ready to drop kick a circuit at the drop of a disk drive, hides himself in an ordinary soccer trophy which transforms into a radar rover.
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7644

Original purchase: Clover stores, Blue Bell PA, $8.99.

Beamer - Flashlight becomes flash craft!

Figure: Skannar, Heroic Explorer

A second generation artificial intelligence program designed to track down computer Viruses and scrambled source codes. Skannar is one Computer Warrior who prefers to work solo. A relentless tracker, he'll never give up. He will look and look until he finds a clue which will lead him to his answer. Shannar is a whiz at cracking the code behind any messages intercepted from the Viruses.
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7262

Original purchase: Clover stores, Blue Bell PA, $12.99.

LeadHead - Pencil Sharpener becomes techno-jet!

Figure: Minus, Evil Pilot

Fused from a hi-jacked flight simulator program, Minus is a dastardly pilot of the Viruses. He has a totally warped view of the world. To him, wreaking destruction, mischief and misery is a way of life. He possesses the ability to self-replicate - making him virtually indestructable.
© Mattel, Inc. 1990. #9212

Original purchase: Clover stores, Blue Bell PA, $10.99.

AdAll - Calculator becomes techno-tank!

Figure: Dekodar, Heroic Genius

A cold calculating mathematical genius who has a hard time balancing his own checkbook, Dekodar is a curious mix of willing warrior and absent-minded professor. Concealed inside an ordinary looking calculator, he computes specialized sequential coding sequences to lure the enemy deep inside databases. When Dekodar traps an unsuspecting Virus, he converts his calculator into an awesome techno-tank and blasts away!
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7723

Original purchase: KMart, Flourtown PA, $13.97.

Invasion of the Viruses - Book becomes evil rocket base!

Figure: Indexx, Evil Mastermind

Indexx is the real brains behind the evil schemes of the Viruses. His virtual memory was expanded beyond capacity, leaving his actual body weaker than the other Viruses. For this reason, MEGAHERT guards Indexx as though he were the "crown jewels." Indexx is the most dangerous Virus, always able to use his superior intelligence to find the weak point in the Computer Warrior defense systems.
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7639

Original purchase: Toy Liquidators, $5.99 (marked down from $24.99).

Pepsi - Pepsi Can reveals hyper hoverjet!

Figure: Gridd, Heroic Mechanic Specialist

Gridd is the Computer Warriors mechanic specialist and electrical engineer. He can repair and pilot any mechanism. Cloned from a quantum mechanics program, he understands everything there is to know about the mechanics of any object. Gridd is a gung ho computer commando whose concealer is a Pepsi can. When duty calls, his Pepsi can reveals a hyper hoverjet!
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7255

Original purchase: Clover stores, Blue Bell PA, $8.99.

Clock - Clock becomes sybcro-blaster!

Figure: Micronn, Heroic Master Stategist

Micronn is a super-intelligent data bank of useful information for the Computer Warriors. He issues a constant stream of data from the moment he's initialized until the nanosecond he's off duty. In fact, he's so filled with up-to-the-minute information that his hide-out is a digital clock that transformers into a rolling assault vehicle!
© Mattel, Inc. 1989. #7733

Original purchase: Clover stores, Blue Bell PA, $10.99.

Computer Playset - becomes strategic weapons base!

(DoctorKent note: the story on the back is a little different in that it starts out as follows:)An accident in PARALLAX (TM), a top-secret government computer, lets...

CHIP - Heroic Expert Programmer
CURSOR - Evil Saboteur

Expert programmer and chief architect of offensive battle campaigns. Concealed inside the master computer, he rarely ventures into battle, opting instead to beat the evil Viruses with hard-core strategy from the inside. He is the brains behind the battle plans. When the battle hits too close to home, he converts his portable disk-drive into a devastating turbo disk launcher!

Clones from a computer repair program, this evil Virus was programmed to plague memory banks with the most complex and highly concealed malfunctions. Taken prisoner by the Computer Warriors, he has been jailed inside the master computer's electro-jail, this deadly Virus crashes main data storage modules and sabotages keyboards so his evil comrades can gain access.

1 "Disk drive" becomes turbo disk launcher!
2 Mega-crane moves equipment & neutralizes Viruses!
3 Swivel synchronized circuit blasters!
4 2 detachable hoverjets!
* Radar screen, "PC board" bay...and more!
© Mattel, Inc. 1990. #9100

Original purchase: [unknown]
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