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Journal Archives from June 2006
gaming center

One of the few things that the Game Preserve is missing is a 3DO system. I was wandering about on eBay - always a bad idea - and was looking at a few of the 'system' lots for this platform which are currently on the block. I wanted to share this one mainly for the 6th picture. I guess things are pretty boring in Iowa....actually, yes they are.

In other news mainly exciting to myself: it only took a year and change, but I finally am getting a functional gaming center built out in the upstairs 'media room'. The plan will be to have, well, every console hooked up and immediately playable, with all game libraries on shelves within arms reach. Currently connected are:
- N64
- Dreamcast
- PS2

And coming soon to the setup are the TG-16, Master System, and Saturn. This has the wonderful and terrible side effect of rekindling the always smoldering desire to build out excellent libraries for each system, as is only proper. Pictures forthcoming.
Posted by charlie on June 28th 2006
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pre tom jones

This is very important - we are going to see Tom Jones this weekend at a casino. The best case scenario is that I'll accidentally win some wonderful sum of money gambling my $45 for the weekend, and the GamePreserve will finally get the accommodations that it well deserves.

The worst case is that at least we get to watch Dave throw his boxers on stage when Tom starts singing Sex Bomb. We have to live for something.
Posted by charlie on June 27th 2006
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uncle spreadsheet

I have received an informative excel spreadsheet from the Uncle. I wish you all the luck in its's awesome.
Posted by charlie on June 21st 2006
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burt gummer quotes has been updated. Now every Burt Gummer line from the first movie is available, via random rotation.
Posted by charlie on June 20th 2006
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lebowski fest

This just in from Tone - it's awesome on so many levels.

I discussed a fascinating idea with the Uncle today, I hope that we can move forward on it soon.

Ok, I just found out something amazing. Let's see if I can possibly hope to explain:
We were watching an episode of The Henry Rollins Show and his guest was Jeff Bridges who had plenty of intersting things to say, but certainly the thing which made the greatest impression on me was the mention of a Lebowski Fest!!! Apparently there are festivals around the country which celebrate the great film, and the Dude. In keeping with my standard habit, I was really really excited then immediately forgot about it until just now.

Just now we remembered to check out the upcoming locations for the event, and low and behold, there is the 5th annual Fest in Louisville Kentucky! Now, immediately I remembered the words of the Uncle, echoing in my head, that he wants to go to Botcon this year, but that it's going to be rough since it's in Kentucky, in the middle of no where. Suddenly I was beset with a panicked fury, knowing that I needed some data and needed it fast. It was too much to hope, certainly, that a confluence of absurdity would actually put these events during the same time, and in any sort of geographic proximity...

I raced to the botcon site, having not memorized the date of the coming show, and looked through the needlessly long front page of the site, until I found it. "BotCon 2006 will be held in Lexington, Kentucky! September 28 - October 1 at the Lexington Convention Center adjacent to the Hyatt Regency." Unreal!

Now, I admit that my Kentucky geography isn't what it used to be, so off to yahoo.maps. Can you imagine what I found? Well imagine no longer, behold! These two cities are 78 miles apart. It's almost more than I can believe. I can feel the seeds of an expensive and likely terrible idea being not only planted, but growing at an insane rate! I think it's time for bed, but think about - think about how insanely cool this all is. It's almost too much to believe.
Posted by charlie on June 19th 2006
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dannon contest

I've been playing this game on the Dannon Yogurt cups, where you get parts of various phrases under the foil tops, and if you get enough parts of any one phrase and complete it, you get a corresponding prize. So far I have, as one would expect, many parts of many phrases, but have not as yet even won the very most worthless prize. I stopped to reflect on how my purchase habits had been changed over the last 2 months as regards this product, and turns out that they ran a brilliant contest - the prizes aren't all that valuable, and I clearly have spent more than I'm ever going to get, and I suspect I'm not alone. But, at the end of the day, I suppose it's best that it's actually a healthy product, where as I'm certain I could have been playing a snickers bar contest or some such.

Ok, I know that wasn't very interesting; please enjoy this Internet Aneurysm.

In awesome Lordi news, here is a fantastic clip of them rocking out at the much-discussed Eurovision semifinal. This isn't so much new news, as it is rather a chance to see another killer Lordi video, with plenty of explosions, and spark-shooting instruments, as promised!

As another aside, I'm currently re-re-doing the linking 'architecture' of the Preserve, to hopefully un-paint myself from the corner in which I had ended up. Not that I presume such things, with as yet still so little content, but fair warning that any bookmarks you may have (to my, what, 5 ancillary pages??) may break in the next few days.
Posted by charlie on June 17th 2006
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world combat league

This really seems as if it should be a joke, but I think it's real. Chuck Norris, and his World Combat League...on tour.

The WCL is the vision of Martial Arts icon Chuck Norris. It is a sports league like the NBA or NFL made up of professional martial arts fighters on teams representing American cities. WCL contests combine the excitement of martial arts combat with the thrill of routing for your favorite team. Our goal is to provide sports fans with an unprecedented level of "full throttle" martial arts fighting action in every second of each round of every team contest.
Posted by charlie on June 15th 2006
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fortune cookie

At the chinese buffet tonight, along with far too much tasty food I got the most non-sensical and wonderfully absurd fortune I can remember getting:

Now is the time to make circles with
mints, do not haste any longer.

Not any part of that makes sense. Enjoy it for it's awesomeness.
Posted by charlie on June 8th 2006
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While I have my doubts as to the authenticity, here's an excellent Internet Aneurysm involving a musical flatbed scanner.

Last night was an excellent evening at the Temple, in celebration of 666. We had a ginormous bbq, complete with 1/2 lb spicy Gozer-made burgers with bacon and cheddar, grilled corn, kettle chips, italian bread and oil, and little red potatos also grilled, and dipped in bacon horseradish dip. Cigars and rum throughout the evening, along with the fine fine movie End of Days kept us in line with the spirit of the day.
Posted by charlie on June 7th 2006
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