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Journal Archives from September 2006
New games posts - action max

What would you say to some new sections for the Action Max, Magnavox Odyssey 2 and the Vectrex? I sure do love the styling of those consoles.
Posted by charlie on September 30th 2006
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hunter bailey

The sections for the Sega Master System and the ColecoVision have been updated - at last the pictures!

The mighty hunter Bailey has captured and dispatched another stealthy fortune cookie.
Posted by charlie on September 29th 2006
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new toy section content

At long last, I added at least one landing page to every item in the 'toys' catagory. Check them out - there are at least some cool pictures, but far fewer than the material deserves. If you're a Rock Lords fan, you're going to be especially pissed off at me, but I'm working on it!

Today's Internet Aneurysm is, apparently, PennyWhistle the I-wish-I-was-retarded clown.
Posted by charlie on September 28th 2006
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nintendo display

Just found on eBay, something awesome that I'd love to add to the Preserve, but it's not really logistically intelligent. Besides, I already have everything *inside* the case, just not the sweet case itself!

Also, here's the article about finding the last of the X-Panders, just because it's awesome.

For some absolutely inexplicable reason, I find myself watching Slam Dunk Ernest tonight on "encore wam" - one of my many dubious cable channels. As he was trying to look up the phone number of a girl he likes, he's leafing through the local phonebook...gets to the "T's", and leafs through 3 pages..."Teradiddle"..."Teradiddle"..."Teradiddle"..."three pages of Teradiddles, they must have settled the area!". Something about this small, 3 second scene is fascinating to me, as it paints Ernest in a strangely critical thinking light, which I assure you is absent for the other 99.9% of the picture. I think suffering through the rest of it really helps one appreciate this glimpse of rational thought.

Wow - Ernest was just described as "the hardest working cracker in basketball!" - unless I mis-heard it, but I don't think I did, because I watched it like 4 times.

Remember, "Don't abuse the shoes".
Posted by charlie on September 27th 2006
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clooney batman

In an article today, discussing if George Clooney should run for political office, I found the following awesome quote:

Clooney recalled at one point that he starred in "Batman and Robin," in which Schwarzenegger played the villainous Mr. Freeze. "He's gone on to be governor, and I still think I'm Batman," Clooney said.

Now I'm not a giant Clooney fan, but he seems to at least be passionate about the right things. I think we could use a Batman in politics.

And here's an Internet Aneurysm for you - Willem Wonka.
Posted by charlie on September 26th 2006
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white and nerdy

The Uncle has provided us with a link to an absolutely amazing new video. So much about it is perfect, though probably more so for me because it hits close to home, in a great way.

Also I have built out the Air Raiders section a bit, and will expand as more boxes are found!
Posted by charlie on September 25th 2006
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now with more DB

At long last, the Preserve journal section is database driven. This should allow for easier updates, management, and the creation of an archive that is possible to maintain. Let's see how it works under pressure.
Posted by charlie on September 24th 2006
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Eternia Reassembled

A quest which I am on is to find the other two thirds of Castle Eternia, the classic He-Man playset, and probably the largest thing of its kind to come out of the 1980's toy boom in this country. I have started the He-Man section which will feature updates as to the discovery of this fantastic old playset, as well as a growing catalog as the He-Man series is unearthed from cold storage.
Posted by charlie on September 23rd 2006
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Star Wars section

I've finally started the Classic Star Wars section of the Preserve. Granted all that's there now is an overview picture of the boxes and toys that are on display in the current Preserve, and does in no way break down the set by piece, or can it even include the pieces not yet found in deep storage, but it's something to look at!
Posted by charlie on September 22nd 2006
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Teen wolf 4

At Dennys, while gorging ourselves on sausage and pancakes and bacon and eggs and potatos...for $5.99, the topic of Yan Can Cook came up. I haven't seen him since I was young, but I bet it would rock now! And since I actually cook I might appreciate the show even more, which would be awesome!

Remember, if Yan Can Cook, so can you!

And tonight on Sirius Radio, we stumbled onto a 'nordic rox' show, which sounded like it was hosted by Toki and Skwisgaar. I need to find out more about it, because it was the greatest thing ever.

And Gozer adds his insight into an important topic:
Originally there was supposed to be a Teen Wolf 3, but it turned out that Jack Nicholson was friends with the selected director of the film, and insisted that they rework the script so as to remove all references to the first two movies, providing him with his own installment in the series. For obvious reasons, the word 'Teen' was dropped from the title.

Also, I have a hunch that I may have stumbled onto the plot for Teen Wolf 4!
Posted by charlie on September 18th 2006
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uncle gaiden

The Uncle and I have a great plan to attend ComicCon next year, and we certainly have a fantastic idea for a costume. Hopefully I can start putting it together soon, though it requires a little more thought. On a related note, here is a vaguely scary stalker-ific Alex Winter fansite for you to enjoy.
This is the very last thing you see when you beat Ninja Gaiden, which is an achievement few can match. The Uncle served this one up after weeks of practice, and it was something to see.
Posted by charlie on September 17th 2006
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sven ole

I am, as you should all be as well, on the Captain Power email list. A gem that came by a few weeks ago, that I just noticed today (fortunately!) was the following:
Subject: [captainpower] Sven-Ole Thorsen (Michael "Tank" Ellis) fan-site..
From:    "Secundus LaFours" 


Hello all at Captain Power-fangroup!

I'm glad to join this group, since I really like the show.

If anybody wants to ask me about Sven-Ole Thorsen (TANK), I'm the best
person to ask (second after himself and his agent, Uffe Ziemelis),
since I'm probably his biggest fan in the world. (I created the
and the yahoo-fan-group too at

I also have an old magazine with an interview where he talks about CP,
which I haven't put on the internet yet... didn't think anybody would
find it interesting, but now I might add it, if you're interested?

- Peter


The sites are so great. I'm tempted to send the guy $3 a month just so he stops using that terrible free hosting on the first site, as I'd like to look at his insane content without being harassed by spyware and ads.

In other news, SurpriseAttackNinja brings us a truly fantastic bit of info today, and that is The Science Lab of Grand Hank. It is apparently a science show geared towards middle school kids in Philadelphia. It is totally in the style of a low budget Fat Boys video from the mid 80s, and Hank teaches science with rap and lyrics! It's actually made in the present day, and is entering it's 8th season. I am dying to get my hands on some episodes! But, until I can get some episodes, I will just have to content myself with this amazing shirt. I can't get over how the shirt is only available in XL and XXL. That's the best, since that town has claimed the 'fattest city' award several years running, kids included! Ahhh cheesesteaks.
Posted by charlie on September 12th 2006
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mxz saw

Thanks to a strange 4 second bootleg looking TV advertisement during the Colbert Report tonight, I was pointed towards a movie called B13. It looks pretty stunt-heavy in the awesome way that movies should be. I know nothing else about it, except it looks like a good time. Well, and that Luc Besson apparently has writing credits, which is often an excellent thing.

And since this seems to be a night of watching too much TV - I'm watching a Science Channel show called "What if the Oil Runs Out" which is intersting and basically preaches to my choir. One of the ads just now was pimping an awesome looking little hand saw, the MXZ Saw. It cuts through bricks, but won't cut your fingers! Nice! $20, a steal! But wait, of course there's more! Some insane sort of little folding multi-wrench. I'm so tempted.
Posted by charlie on September 7th 2006
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bday weekend

This weekend past held many awesome things, including Helen's birthday, a fantastic musical show by Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips, two days of wine touring and some truly excellent gaming with the Uncle.

Amazing gaming prowess was displayed when Ninja Gaiden as well as Castlevania were beaten, with no cheating, save states, or sobriety on the reliable old NES, on a 20 year old tv, surrounded by the largest collection of 1980s toys in upstate New York. It was really something to see - a much needed afront to the creeping technology of 2006.

Not to be satisfied with those victories, the Uncle moved on to achieving 2 endings to Night Trap, the holy grail of the SegaCD system. We got the ending where Dana Plato gets bitten by the vampire wife, and then the ending where you save her! We were not quite able to get the 'perfect ending' though I think that's now possible given our practice.

The game, I feel, is much more awesome than it may appear at first. It's easy to really not see the depth to it, but where it really shined was when we managed to see both sides of a walkie-talkie conversation in two different rooms, during our two consecutive plays. That spoke volumes to me about care, time and design in the game, and has encouraged us to undertake some sort of walkthrough which sums up the various dialog and plot which happens in each room. Due to the game play, in order to make it through the game, or even to not have it end mid-way through, you have to busy yourself catching the 'Augers' and are therefore not always able to see the real action - like teenage tennis-racket sing-a-longs to the Night Trap Theme Song... which is AWESOME. Hopefully I'll get an mp3 of that up soon, and we'll see how that walkthrough comes along.

Now, the next game that needs to grace the SegaCD is Snatcher. Read about it there, and then excitedly await the local play tests!
Posted by charlie on September 6th 2006
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