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Journal Archives from August 2007
Target G1 repaint haul

In order to illustrate what a productive day this was in the ongoing search for the Transformers 2007 Movie Toy line, I submit the following:

I feel that it's worth pointing out, once again, what a great job Target has done with having a wonderfully rich series of exclusive items. These G1 repaints are clearly aimed at precisely someone like me, and they really hit the home run as far as I'm concerned. I had been very interested to see them in person since first learning about their existence, and what a great way to find them - with their very own dedicated endcap, actually well stocked, and helping to boost the flagging morale of the Transformers toy section, and those of us who frequent it.

Adding more interest to the haul was the new set of Titanium 6" figures, which in the absence of the G1 repaints would have been cause enough for enjoyment and modest celebration. The Cheetor figure is just remarkably pleasing, with the full might of 2007 Materials Science being brought to bear on the perfect curves and gloss of the component parts. It is probably too late, but the 6" Titanium line has definitely captured my interest.
Posted by charlie on August 31st 2007
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Journey of the Ark

Here's a little something I like to call The Journey of the Ark. It uses a sketchy META refresh tag, so best of luck.

Transformers Update: who scored the Target exclusive G1 repaints of Movie Starscream and Jazz this morning at 8:30am? The answer is me!
Posted by charlie on August 30th 2007
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tf movie 2007 further discoveries

Yesterday really did turn out to be a banner day compared to many of the fruitless attempts in recent weeks. After discovering the '08 Bumblebee in the early morning Target stop, Walmart then provided Voyager class Prime and 'Rescue Ratchet' repaint. Normally I'm not so keen on the repaints, but I feel that I'm committed to this series, and the slippery slope may as well be frictionless.

In Ark of the Covenant news, here is the magic that you can make with a sheet of plywood and two 2x4 planks, and some awesome plans by Gozer:

Posted by charlie on August 29th 2007
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bumblebee 08

After weeks of constantly searching the local stores, and several happy scores in toy retail isles miles away from my home turf, I had a sneaking suspicion that today, after not 'watching the pot' for a weekend and change, might be different.

It's a sure sign that there's a problem if Target is a nearly daily morning stop on the way to work, but it's just so darn on the way and open at 8am. Well, today along with the convenience, they had what appeared to be either the remains of a partially restocked Transformers shelf, or perhaps the sum total of the restock that they had received, but either way, I was amazed to find a set of the new Deluxe figures, and the movie 3" Titaniums. Of course, the real thrill was that, of the 7 or so Deluxe figures that they had, the one in the back of a peg row happened to be the '08 Bumblebee! This finishes up the Preserve Transformers 2007 Movie Line Deluxe set, and now all that remains is photographic evidence.
Posted by charlie on August 28th 2007
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wedding ark

The wedding of two friends of mine occurred this past weekend. The highlight for me was two fold: firstly I got to try my hand at my first legitimate carpentry project by making a scale model of the Ark of the Covenant, with a Predator theme. It's too much to describe, and will be demonstrated through photographs soon enough. I admit to basically none of it being my idea, though in the execution I could take pride.

The second aspect which made the weekend a smashing success was a short stop at a Walmart many miles from my normal stomping grounds. There on the pegs, in a mostly decimated but clearly better-stocked-than-mine Transformers toy section, was one copy of Dropkick and one copy of Recon Barricade, thus finising the Deluxe collection except for the elusive '08 Bumblebee. Then of course there's the Voyager and Leader class, and let's not forget about the Target exclusive G1 repaints. Soon it will be time for a line in the sand, but maybe not quite yet.
Posted by charlie on August 27th 2007
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KB Toys haul

After what has felt like months of constant searching, though in reality I suppose it's only a few weeks, I was finally able to track down a single solitary case of the new Transformers 2007 Movie Deluxe figures. It wasn't quite the magical and accidental find that I truly enjoy, but at a KB Toys about 30 miles from my house, the store manager told me over the phone that they were getting this single case of 8 figures in, and that he would set it aside for me. I was overjoyed, and arrived to find, mostly, this:

I was able to pick up Payload, Longarm, Dreadwing, Final Battle Jazz and importantly Arcee, which looks to be a great figure.

Also offered up for my inspection, as the figures had been unpacked and priced already, but were still behind the counter, were Wreckage and Brawl - seems that they pad out the case count in this particular wave. A little advanced mathematics tells you that brings the count to 7....what was missing? That's right, the '08 Bumblebee, which as of this week at least is the real 'chase' figure. I have to imagine that the manager skimmed a little off for himself, but honestly I am probably over estimating the importance that others place on these figures, when at most he'd stand to double, maaaybe triple his $10 with a lot of ebay headaches. The counter dude had a brainflash as I was describing it to him, and "just knew" he'd seen it that day, and started looking everyplace, but all for naught! Well, I am still delighted with my haul for the day, and leaving Bumblebee as a missing piece simply prolongs the exciting hunt!
Posted by charlie on August 26th 2007
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Kung Fu Grip final

I have really saved the best for last, and today we finish up the Kung Fu Grip Adventure Team with the fifth character in the series re-release, 'GI Joe Adventurer'. From what research I've been able to do on the old line from 1976, I believe that this figure is appropriately, honestly, called 'Black Adventurer' but I guess for various reasons that wouldn't fly these days. Either way, and whatever name, here is what I feel is the most awesome character in the series, in his glory.

With this, the GI Joe Adventure Team with Kung Fu Grip week has come to a close at the Preserve. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we all did! To celebrate, I suggest enjoying several of your finest beverages and chips, whatever they may be, and at least one Don "The Dragon" movie - it is the weekend afterall!
Posted by charlie on August 25th 2007
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Kung Fu Grip 4

Back in the grizzled bearded side of the Adventure Team, today we have the Air Explorer, also known as the Nordic Adventurer! With his blazing orange flight suit and stunning blonde locks, the sky won't know what hit it!

This series has really been a delight to work through, and the care taken with all the figures continues with the Nordic Explorer; from the matching blonde eyebrows to the orange pull cord on the flight suit zip, and the Adventure Team logo proudly blazed on his chest, kids and collectors alike can find something to enjoy and appreciate.

As a follow-up to an earlier ebay watch, I wanted to look back at the final price of the Snarlie Narlie from the Rock Lords universe. You read that right - $355 - really impressive. I hope to find another Snarlie auction soon, and see if this was a fluke, with the one big spender who wanted a fluffy bull Narlie having been satisfied. Though, for that price, there were obviously two to tango, so there remains an unsatisfied bidder who was willing to go to $354!
Posted by charlie on August 24th 2007
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Man of action 3

While the life-like beard is awesome, I felt that it was time to take a break and feature the 'Man of Action' figure in the Kung Fu Grip series, who is one of two figures to be offered clean shaven - a stretch for the 70s. Never fear, though, he still sports the diagonal scar on his right cheek that every other figure has as well!

In toy news - having been unable to find any of the new wave of the Transformers Movie Toys in my town, I started calling further a field. In the next major town over, which is about an hours drive away, the manager of a KB Toys had told me last week that he was expecting 8, yes only 8, one case, of new Deluxe figures. I felt a little like Axel Foley getting the shipping manifest, and this dude agreed to set them aside for me. Well, this evening I went to pick them up, and now have nearly all of the deluxe figures! Interestingly, the case had been unpacked and the contents set behind the register, and when I arrived they presented me with 7 figures to choose from, and conspicuously missing was the '08 Bumblebee. Well, I guess the manager has to get his taste too!

In historical interest news, I was discussing with my father, the original inspiration and provider behind the vast majority of the Preserve, the Hasbro toy shortages. He surprised me with a story - in the '80s he had actually called Hasbro about this very same behavior of theirs! Apparently this is nothing new, and back then he was actually able to get them to admit to their strategy of manipulating shortages and supply in order to artificially boost demand! I guess old habits die hard, and since the latest toys are in many ways an homage to 20 years ago, it all makes a certain sort of sense.
Posted by charlie on August 23rd 2007
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Kung Fu Grip 2

Today Kung Fu Grip week at the Preserve features Sea Adventurer. This 12" figure re-release from the 1976 Adventure Team series features even more life-like hair and life-like beard, and is another wonderful figure from Hasbro in this very limited series.

In other news, an arcade company in Japan has had to recall their new arm wrestling game for maiming people in the local fun centers! You have to love that.
Posted by charlie on August 22nd 2007
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Kung Fu Grip 1

Welcome to day one of Kung Fu Grip week at the Preserve. Today we feature the Land Adventurer figure, in all his realistic bearded glory.

Unlike what you find on more 'modern' toys, there isn't a whole lot of text specific to each character on the box. I am not a student of figures from before 1981 in general (though original Star Wars figures certainly have a home at the Preserve) so I can't say this is in any way a general rule. For these figures, however, there is little to distinguish them save for the awesome colors of their beards, where applicable! I have tried to capture what there is on the box by way of product code, etc, for the obsessive completeist, like myself. Click on the image for the detailed page, and prepare yourself for day two!
Posted by charlie on August 21st 2007
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Kung Fu Grip week

Welcome Preserve readers to Kung Fu Grip week! Late last year, being 2006, Hasbro was goodly enough to release five figures which are tributes to their 1976 era Adventure Team toys...with Kung Fu Grip! I am constantly impressed by the job that Hasbro is doing lately (other than being unable to keep Transformers product on the shelves, of course) and from the perfect reproduction box art to the 'life like beard' these figures are just fantastic. I believe they were a very limited run, and I have heard rumors that they were only to be found as a WalMart exclusive, but since I only recently noticed them and am finding the Internets to be of little use, I'll just make some things up that become canon!

During Kung Fu Grip week at the Preserve, we will feature a new figure from the series every day, until we reach Saturday and all five have been posted. Starting us out with a bang is this great group shot of the boxes, tall and proud:

So be on the lookout tomorrow for the first in the series to join the Preserve.

By way of a quick eBay watch - I have recently begun keeping a closer eye on the Rock Lords market, as they seem to be growing in value and scarcity, and I want to make sure my collection is stable before they dry up! I was pleased to finally see a 'Snarlie-Narlie' in this auction. That large furry black and white beast is the King of the evil Narlies, and apparently quite rare! I am just figuring that is the reason for the jacked bids, as it is the only unusual piece in that lot. I guess I won't be adding one of those to the Preserve through the 'regular channels' unless there is one in the archives waiting to surprise me.

Update: It came to my attention that I had botched the link and picture for the Target Exclusive 'Skyblast' post last week! Please make sure to check out the correct Skyblast page if you are interested.
Posted by charlie on August 20th 2007
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GI Joe con

Just discovered on the GI Joe convention website, the special guest star for this year will be none other than Preserve favorite Roddy Piper! Apparently they have developed a whole back story for him, tying him into the Joe universe, and have even made a convention exclusive figure on an excellent 25th Anniversary card!

Also, weeks ago my Captain Power DVD set arrived

it is a thing of beauty and The Uncle and I are hoping to have a wonderful marathon sometime soon.
Posted by charlie on August 19th 2007
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castlevania movie

Linked to us recently from Steen is this enterprising lady who has made one of the most awesome gaming related quilts ever - witness quiltbert!

Also discovered today by The Chase is the wonderful news that comic writer extraordinaire Warren Ellis has been developing what will be a direct to video trilogy of Castlevania movies! He has been quietly blogging about it, and now we can all keep up with the latest!
Posted by charlie on August 18th 2007
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Amp tall boy

UPDATE: This morning my contact at Walmart informed me that a pallet of Transformers toys had arrived on the morning's truck. This is particularly exciting, both given the time I have put in lately scouring their shelves, as well as the recent news reported elsewhere on the Internets that Walmart, in an effort to fill their bare Transformers shelving while Hasbro melts some more plastic and metal into attractive forms, will be releasing their old Alternators and DieCast backstock. This means that a full crop of previously sold out figures from both of these lines may well be on the shelves today. More updates as I find them. There is also good reason to believe that the local Target will be getting the Jazz and Starscream G1 repaints in shortly, and if that happens today it'll really be a banner event!
Having made the dubious life decision to purchase a 'blonde' brownie which is 110% cheap butter and sugar, as well a "Tall Boy" can of Amp energy drink, I am now feeling unfit to operate a motor vehicle. Making matters worse, here is today's Internet Aneurysm which google thinks really sums up the Amp tall boy experience.

And if anyone watches the show Flight of the Conchords, I managed to locate the saxaphone shirt that one of them was wearing in the first episode - found it at a pro audio website - I enjoy how legit those guys are.
Posted by charlie on August 17th 2007
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Ultimate Bumblebee revealed

As promised so it is delivered, here is the page on the newly released Ultimate Bumblebee figure, from the Transformers Movie Line 2007. While I've never purchased, played with, or even seen much footage of one in action, it seems as if this figure draws heavily from the RoboSapien methodology of recent times (here is one with a flamethrower, and here is one that is a pimp), but someone really kicked it up a notch by figuring out how to get it to transform into that slick 2008 Camaro.

I have to admit that, much like the Alternators, transforming this beast took me nearly an hour! I really have to imagine that none of these things are intended for kids any longer, and not really even intended for adults - more like they want someone to buy two and keep one in each mode. Now, maybe I'm just sort of 'slow' in terms of working modern day tech, but it really is a procedure, dancing on the edge of breaking any number of the pieces of one's new $85 toy, to coax it between configurations. But, enough complaining, here's the figure, all packaged up and looking nice:

As always, clicking on that image will take you to the expanded page view, and additional pictures and words. I think one of the most surprising things for me, once I had struggled to get all the 'moving parts' correctly installed, as they don't come as such out of the box, was that it burst into a rendition of Devo's "Whip It" and started to dance around. I'll admit that's the first time I've seen a Transformer do that. It also will "aim" and fire it's "plasma cannon" which consists of a large orange dart, though sadly it failed to discharge when I hit the specified button. Now that I have it into car mode, I think the game is up, and I won't be seeing the robot for some time!
Posted by charlie on August 16th 2007
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Toy Haul 1

Featured today is the most recent toy haul that has bolstered the already straining ranks at the Preserve. I think that Hasbro and I are really on the same wavelength these days, because I am finding it such an old school delight to discover the new things they have waiting for me in the toy isle (when that isle is properly stocked at least). Here is what they had in store for me recently:

Pictured above is the Sigma 6 Heavy Armor Dropship "Dragonhawk", all six of the mini-con sized Transformers Aerialbots that were released in the Universe series last year, a Legends Ratchet figure, the Walmart exclusive Robot Heroes classic five pack, four out of the five newly released GI Joe 'Kung Fu Grip' tribute figures (damn my ill timed frugality!) and let us not forget the new 'Ultimate Bumblebee' figure, which I threatened to buy during the last UncleCast, and have now done! After the drought of Tfs on the shelves, I didn't stand a chance when I saw this high priced beast several days ago, and a full page with many pictures is in the works here at the Preserve, to be posted soon.
Posted by charlie on August 15th 2007
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Clocker, the third Scout

The final third of the three part series "Why Won't Hasbro Release Enough New Figures" ends today with Clocker, a repaint of the Cybertron figure from the most recent Transformers cartoon.

This is the last of the meager new set of figures that I was able to find in town, as I continue to wait for a possible restock of the new July wave. Every day that passes makes it more likely that they'll just be skipping that batch entirely. Interestingly, Target stockperson #114 told me yesterday that they only reorder once they are completely sold out of a type of figure. That means that until they sold out of Deluxe figures entirely (which they have) that a reorder would not have been placed. Interesting insight, and while that usually could really keep the new pieces out of stores if a few overstocked or unpopular items were collecting dust, in this case it seems that the entire line is becoming so rare that there was no trouble selling even all of the Jazz and Swindle figures back to the peg base.
Posted by charlie on August 14th 2007
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Skyblast target exclusive

Today the second of the three new Target Exclusive Scouts that have recently joined the Preserve is featured. Another Autobot to pad their flagging 2007 toy ranks, the Skyblast repaint has arrived:

As usual, click the link for a detailed look into the toy (or at least the packaging, since I haven't had a chance to open anything in months!) and the robot bio.
Posted by charlie on August 13th 2007
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Voltron Blue Lion dvd art

It was mentioned during the last UncleCast, but is worth repeating here with photographic support, that I find the artwork for the blue lion dvd release to be really somewhat subtle and fantastic. For the subsequent lion releases, the art features that particular lion ship, along with the pilot. For the first volume, they had the cleverness to think of putting both Sven Holgersson and Princess Allura togeter, as they both pilot that ship (during those early episodes no less).

I've said before that this set of dvds is really a labor of love by some team at AnimeWorks, and this art just goes to further support that idea.
Posted by charlie on August 12th 2007
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Strongarm Target Exclusive

Since figures from the July wave of Hasbro's Transformers Movie line (2007) have been in such short supply in my town, I really have to appreciate what I can find. Recently, as I mentioned a few days back, that has amounted to three of the new Target Exclusive Scout figures. Today I wanted to feature Strongarm (click image for detailed page):

It seems that these exclusive scouts are tending to be heavy on the Autobot side, which is perhaps an attempt to balance out the very Decepticon heavy Deluxe figures which were part of the initial waves earlier this summer.
Posted by charlie on August 11th 2007
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Hollywood Haul

Though I have made some sort of vague promise to myself to try to go cold turkey on the whole Hollywood Video tape sale, it was predicated by a final large purchase a week ago or so. It seems that a box full of 35 VHS tapes from the 1980s looks something like this:

Who would have even remembered that there was an animated Rambo cartoon? Well, I sadly had not remembered, but that's the beauty of the whole thing, that now we know! I was also fortunate enough to find some old Bravestarr tapes as well as GI Joe, Double Dragon and many others which will find their second stardom on the Preserve.
Posted by charlie on August 10th 2007
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Transformers status

It has become apparent that scouring the resources of this town for the new Transformers items has become my after-work diversion. While I would like to think that making a well-timed phone call to the several options in town would save the drive, but it's really surprising how leaving a potential customer on hold for over 10 minutes is a-ok in big business these days. Really it seems that making an in-person visit is really the only reliable way to go, but these places get trucks every day so that's a real commitment!

I even had the opportunity to speak to my father about his experiences in the 1980s which made the foundation and provided most of the content of the Preserve to this very day. He assured me that he spent a great amount of time tracking down the rare pieces, both through phone calls but more often than not actually going to the numerous stores in the Philadelphia area. While there were certainly more shopping options, it was still no easy task to find the short packed items or the low-distribution series! With so many additional stores to check, I imagine that it was easily quite overwhelming, and certainly a serious hobby! While it can be frustrating that Hasbro's apparent under-production of the July wave of 2007 Transformers Movie toys is resulting in under stocked to bare shelves, I admit that it appeals to my overwhelmingly strong treasure-hunting drive, and keeps a bit of sport in the hobby, and in particular Transformers collecting, which has been a defining characteristic since the franchise first came to our shores.

Here is today's Internet Aneurysm, which I believe came up in a search for Ricky Jay and Carl Sagan photographs.
Posted by charlie on August 9th 2007
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magnavox collection

Today's eBay watch is an impressive Magnavox Odyssey 2 collection, containing rare and import titles. Not being a totally competent historian of this system, I can't entirely corroborate his claims that the lot is as awesome as he'd like us all to believe, but it certainly contains some titles that I don't see very often, as well as that sizable import and over-seas component, which is also something that doesn't seem to come up often. With 9 days remaining as of this posting, and already 8 bids and a total of $102.50, it will be very interesting to see what ends up happening here.

Also amusing to me is this set of 11 games for that same system, which 'fit perfectly in this shoe box'.
Posted by charlie on August 8th 2007
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Target Tfs

Target is really a depressing place to have to try to shop for toys. I know that in more legitimate parts of our consumer world, there is still the concept of a proper toy store, even if most Toys R Us establishments are no longer the warehouse-esque monstrosities that I remember fondly from my childhood (though that's probably some selective memory at work). Living as I do in the stagnant backwater of lower middle class America, lifted only from the grinding certainty of unimprovable daily existence by the presence of an academic institution to which people may direct their love or hate, the options pretty much look like Target and Walmart. Bad times to be sure.

Today at Target, as I am eternally the optimist, I again went in search of the increasingly-rare latest Deluxe, Voyager and Leader class Transformer Movie toys. Of course, the shelves were even more bare than they had been two days ago. Knowing even before I lifted their 'red phone' that it was an idea that had failed before it began, I decided to summon the helpful Target staff to pump them for information. A very pleasant young lady approached the phone, well under the 60 seconds that Target corporate has mandated (I shudder to think of the consequences of 61 seconds) and eagerly awaited my question. I yammered out something about 'are there any more transformers in the back' and, while lamely gesturing at the nearly empty shelves 'do you know if you are getting any further shipments in?'. She brightly replied that everything was out on the shelf, and while she really didn't know the ordering specifics, as they are all "electronic", that she was sorry to tell me that they probably wouldn't get anything further until Christmas.

I'm a sucker but even I can't believe that. Such uninformed, but desperately pleasant help just made Target the official Most Depressing Place to Shop for Transformers. That image actually comes up with that phrase, and is also today's Internet Aneurysm.
Posted by charlie on August 7th 2007
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Ultimate Bumblebee

Legend has it that the goliath, foot+ tall, audio enhanced and transforming Ultimate Bumblebee figure has started to hit Target shelves already. While the nearly three figure price tag (and probably comfortably in that $100+ zone after tax) may be daunting for many, it's still good to know that at least for a short time, the heyday of Fort Max can be partially relived with the release of another oversized figure. With the astonishing popularity of the movie, I suspect we have many more years, and new levels still (!) of figures yet to come.
Posted by charlie on August 6th 2007
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new tf2007 scouts

After a long dry spell in my small town of any current Transformers Movie toy releases, I was at least fortunate enough to find the three new Scout class Target Exclusives several days ago. Like the first line of three exclusive scouts, they are repaints from earlier Transformers lines (within the last few years) and are packaged up in that movie toy format that for some reason I find so visually appealing.

The new figures are 'Strongarm', 'Skyblast', and 'Clocker' and I hope to have pictures up shortly.

Interesting notice: There is yet another east-coast horror convention coming up soon, the Horror Fiend Weekend, which is notable to the Preserve mainly because Michael Gross (aka Burt Gummer!) will be a special guest. Also, let us not overlook that Mr. Ernie 'Winston Zeddmore' Hudson will also be holding things down at the show.
Posted by charlie on August 5th 2007
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chocolate rain

A youtube related internet fad which is making the rounds is the song Chocolate Rain, by a guy named Tay Zonday. It's really worth watching, and laughing at for its entirety. I learned about this clip on a little broadcast we watch called Attack of the Show, which is pretty excellent about 75% of the time. Apparently Kevin, one of the hosts, spoke with Tay off-camera and when he asked after the meaning of the song, Tay told him "It's like the Neverending story". That just makes it ten times more crazy and awesome.

Making things another, lets say, five times more awesome still, is this cover of Chocolate Rain, which proves to me that the Internet really has reached the peak of its potential in it's new form, and ties in well with the Preserve content at it's finest.
Posted by charlie on August 4th 2007
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ghost busters

Like an addict reaching for the goods one more time before he cleans himself up (who am I kidding) I found myself yet again at Hollywood Video to dive headlong into their VHS tape sale. This time, however, something had changed! The remaining tapes have of course all been condensed into a fraction of their former shelf-spilling glory, but there in the children's section, about 100 tapes are set up, face-first instead of crammed in back to back, and the titles were very clearly picked for awesomeness. More interesting still, is that these tapes were definitely not there on any previous visit! I suspect that someone had 'set these aside' and has now had to put them back up for sale - I even remember the day at the start of the sale when the GI Joe, Transformers and Rambo (animated!) tapes vanished, and here I have another shot! Well, I tried my best not to waste it.

As usual, with all things you have the opportunity to learn, and this was no exception! On the shelves were a good number of the Filmation Ghostbusters animated series, which many hate but I remember fondly, even more so now of course due to it's runner-up status! Upon returning home I did a little research, and it seems that this entire series has recently found release on dvd! What was even more astonishing, and is clearly an oversight in my understanding of the storied history of all things, and I mean *all* things Ghostbusters, is that said Filmation animated show was based on a live-action, 1975 "The Ghost Busters" staring two older gentlemen (stars of the 1965 series F Troop) and a guy in an ape suit!

Better yet, it has recently had all 15 of it's episodes released on dvd as well! This was the buried treasure that I knew was there, waiting to be found, and my knowledge grew three sizes that day. Granted this new information about the possible partially derivative nature of one of my very favorite movies has shaken my world view to its very foundations, but that's good now and then.

As a footnote: I also found the mini-bio on Bob Burns (the 'trainer' of Tracy the Gorilla) to be very interesting.
Posted by charlie on August 3rd 2007
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transformers movie 2007 section

The Transfomers Movie Toys 2007 section has been reorganized a little, such that the main page is hopefully more condusive to finding items in the series. With any luck the next wave of the figures will make it to my town, but so far the shelves are nearly bare!
Posted by charlie on August 2nd 2007
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Million dollar Tf auction

This may or may not be old news, as I don't get around the Internets as much as I probably am supposed to, but I wanted to point readers of the Preserve to the Million Dollar Transformers Auction going on over at eBay currently. It really is a pretty great set - being complete from the 1984 launch up through Pretenders - just like the collection here at the Preserve, but as you can see from the nice glamor shots that the seller clearly spent a great deal of time with (far more than has been spent here at the Preserve, sadly!) the items are all boxed in really wonderful condition. While I also have most of the original boxes, I'm certainly willing to admit that it's a fantastic set she is selling and superior to my own. While she also admits it's really not worth a million dollars, 1/2 of the final sale price is going to charity so she's just seeing what happens! Can't blame her for that.

Also check out all the crazy 'extra' Transformers related merch after the list of the toys themselves - great stuff! I'm sure other rabid fans have already carefully scoured the list but it's worth taking the time to save the words and pictures because I suspect a lot of that stuff doesn't come around very often even to be able to look at! She has a sad story to tell around the collection and her late husband, but hopefully her wishes that a wealthy collector can buy the collection and not split it up will be respected. I especially like the part about the Smithsonian - now we're talking!

While we're on the subject, check out today's Internet Aneurysm, which is probably someone who won't be in the running for a high bid in that sale.
Posted by charlie on August 1st 2007
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